Monday, July 30, 2012 Wants Australian Hurdler to Pose Nude

By now, everyone has heard of Michelle Jenneke, the 19-year old Australian hurdler who has the awesome pre-race warm-up, right?

Good.  Well, even though she did not qualify for the Olympics, she's still making headlines, after being asked to pose nude by  Jenneke has not commented on the offer, an offer the adult website has drawn up and stands to give a "sizeable donation" to the Australian Sports Commission.

"She's the right amount of cute and sexy, not to mention her body is clearly in peak condition," said Martin Ellison, a representative.  "Jenneke has shown a sex appeal that's uncommon in female athletes and we want Michelle to know that she can use her sexuality to not only raise her profile but also benefit athletes all over her country," Ellison said.

There's something kind of creepy about this whole thing, especially with's recent push to garner the interest of the athletic community by stating: "An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle and is committed to good health and well-being."

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