Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fernando and the Magic Plantain

There once was a boy named Fernando Rodney.  Fernando loved to play baseball with his friends in the Dominican Republic.  One day, Fernando stumbled across a magical talking plantain and brought it to the game.  The plantain gave him luck, often telling him, "if you keep me close to you, you're going to get the win."

No, that is not just a made-up story because yes, the Tampa Bay Rays closer is claiming to have a magic plantain that is giving him and his team luck.  Rodney has pitched his team into the finals of the World Baseball Classic, and has not only his teammates, but a talking fruit, to thank.

It is currently unknown whether the plantain is an English or Spanish speaking fruit, but we do know that Rodney now carries it around in his uniform waistline like a holstered weapon.  When the plantain is on the field, the Dominican team has gone 7-0.  Manager Tony Pena isn't complaining.

"So I got surprised when I saw Rodney with a banana, a plantain on the side. I think he pulled them out, I just laughed," he said.  "Right in the middle of the game, this made everybody laugh. And the ballclub, the game like this, you need to have a little bit of fun. You need to find a way to loosen up. And I'm glad that he did it."

The Dominican Republic will faceoff against their island neighbors 80 miles away, Puerto Rico, Tuesday night at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

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