Thursday, March 7, 2013


Someone once said, "no man is an island."

When it comes to the blogosphere, no one man can be an entire blog.  Author of multiple "Supporter Submissions" including his latest on sequestration, Bill Fallon is an amateur blogger who has bulked up Three if by Strike with material from Boston sports fandom to health and fitness to our country's financial concerns.

For nine years, Bill has been my confidant, and as a student/accountant/fitness guru/culinary wizard, his skills are unparalleled in each of those fields.  He has recently launched his own blog, "Bill's Journey into Health, Fitness and General Nutrition," and amidst all of these things, has lost a remarkable 54 pounds in six months.  Through various workouts -- most recently including the November Project (post soon to come with all the info if you're interested) -- Bill has transformed himself into an athletic superpower.

In his spare time, Bill is the trumpet player/guitarist/percussionist in a band titled after him: "The Bill Fallon Effect."  He is also a coach for the Emmanuel College Baseball team.  How does it do it all?  Well, you'll have to ask him yourself.

To date, Bill has submitted just a handful of pieces, and every now and again will pop into the blog to say hello, so keep your eye out.

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