Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thanks Boston: Southie on Sunday

On my way back from Rhode Island this weekend I chanced upon this cheery little trailer being towed through Dorchester by an RV called "The Prophet."  Following the link to the HEAR-THE-TRUTH.COM website leads to explanations of  the godlessness of Whitney Houston, Christmas and Dick Clark...obviously.

I can't tell if the brains behind this phenomenon are serious or if "The Prophet" is just a well-funded and radical Christian P***y wagon.  "Women's clothes are the you should take them off." Ballsy, but who knows, the game could be strong in this one.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

50% off Shoe Sale today and tomorrow...if you don't have monster feet.

For a preview of the upcoming Boston/Baller on a Budget section head over to the Warrior Footwear webshop and plug in the code "Summer12" at the checkout for 50% off their simple, yet fresh, kicks.  I investigated the half off promo and I'm happy to report it works. With original shoe prices ranging from $30-$70 the discount knocks the summer/spring sales tags to as low as $15. I would have already bought a pair at those prices but since they don't carry up to size 14 my oversized ass was S.O.L. You'll have to hurry, as the sale only runs through today and tomorrow be sure and snap up a pair quick before the coupon expires.  Look fly for the first day of school with threeifbystrike's heads-up help.

Belated Bluesday

Good morning to all you beautiful bluesberries of the blogosphere, I'm back in action. A weekend enjoying some beach and gearing up for the moving hell day of September first has had me off my game a little bit, but rest assured there's goodness to come.

This week's Bluesday comes from the great Mississippi John Hurt, a true legend.  "The Ballad of Stagger Lee" is a long and guitar-heavy story, perfect for those midweek blues or a lingering case of weekend bluesballs. Check out the past editions of Bluesday for an emerging playlist of stick-to-your-ribs-and-get-you-through-the-day American music featuring Seasick SteveCab Calloway, and Lightning Hopkins.

Keep an eye for a new weekly segment I'll be starting in September tentatively called 'Boston on a Budget,' where I'll spouting off on some of the weekly deals and freebies featured around the hub for those who like to ball out every now and again but don't wanna break the bank.  Check back also for Jon's continuing take on the Gonzo-Beckett-Crawford-Punto trade; will it work or are the Sox in for another troubling year under Bobby V? 

Oh and we're only 1,110 views away from breaking the10,000 barrier; which is Nice!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shredder Making Plays

It seems the entire baseball world is talking about the blockbuster trade between the Red Sox and the Dodgers, but one guy keeps falling by the wayside.

With three of the four players moving from Boston to Los Angeles being Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford, its sort of understandable that no one would be quick to mention Nick Punto, but if he's making plays like this, maybe his name will start popping up more.  I mean, the guy was a starter for the World Champion Cardinals last year.

The range he shows in this play is unbelievable.  I've watched it time and time again, and I still don't know where that speed comes from to catch up to that ball.  He has no business being there, and saves what could have been a big early run for the Marlins.  Love it.  Shredder's going to play great ball no matter who he plays for.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A-Rod Most Overrated and Now Phoniest MLB Player According to Other MLB Players

Any excuse to use this picture and to talk about how much of a clown Alex Rodriguez is, is welcomed here at Three if by Strike.

In a recent MLB Players poll from Sports' Illustrated, the magazine asked who was the phoniest player in the MLB.  Out of all the players in the entire league, 26 percent of them said A-Rod.  And not to be outdone, Yankees teammate Nick Swisher received 14 percent.

To give you some perspective on this, those two received more votes than the infamous Nyjer "T. Plush" Morgan.

Oh, and as if this wasn't bad enough, A-Rod won top honors on the "Most Overrated Player" poll with 16.8 percent.  Teammate Derek Jeter earned 9.2, and Swisher raked in 5.4 percent.

Four Players Attend Pesky's Funeral During Off Day

Johnny Pesky, a 60-year veteran of the Red Sox organization, was laid to rest on Monday.  The Red Sox had just finished a three-game series in New York and had the day off on Monday, yet only four current players showed up for the funeral.

Clay Buccholz, David Ortiz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Vicente Padilla attended the services.  Padilla has only been with the team since Spring Training, but still showed up to pay his final respects to a true Boston legend.  About a dozen players have been in the organization for at least a couple years, yet chose to skip out.  Ownership and other members of the front office were in attendance, but the team itself was M.I.A.

Later that night, Josh Beckett held his annual "Beckett Bowl" charity event, to which the entire team, even including Jered Weaver from the visiting Angels, attended.  This is where things get tricky, however.  You can't exactly bash the Sox for showing up to a charity event.  Yes, its a slightly more upbeat event than a funeral, but at a certain point, their integrity has to be questioned here.

I have no problem with the team showing up to the Beckett Bowl, but I can't understand how players just decided to skip out on Pesky's funeral.  Complete strangers were attending his wake over the weekend, taking time out of their off days.  Let's think about that.

Josh Beckett Placed on Waivers, Finally's Jon Heyman has reported that the Red Sox have put pitcher Josh Beckett on waivers.

Heyman's report also indicates that there is not a lot of interest in Beckett across the league.  If that rings true and Beckett goes unclaimed, the Red Sox will be able to explore trade possibilities before the August 31st deadline.

If a team does go for Beckett, however, they will either pick up the rest of his contract through 2014 -- which he is owed nearly $32 million -- or work out a trade with the Sox.  If neither of those possibilities work, the Red Sox can always pull him back off waivers.

It's tough to say if this really means anything, or if this move will be a wake up call for Beckett or not.  At this stage, the way he carries himself makes it seem like there is no urgency in his play, and that he just doesn't care how he pitches.  They got rid of Kevin Youkilis and that didn't work, so hopefully they can dump Beckett and go into remission the rest of the season.

Jonathan Vilma Gives Roger Goodell Lifetime Ban From His Restuarant

Ah, the war continues between Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and NHL commissioner Roger Goodell.  But this is just good clean fun.

Vilma, who owns a restaurant named Brother Jimmy's BBQ in Miami, Fla., posted this sign just inside the front doors as a little revenge for his yearlong suspension, since it will be the only hit Vilma will get to deliver until 12 months from now.

No word on Goodell's reaction, but there will most likely be no backlash.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NHL 13 Will Be The Greatest Sports Game to Date

Right after NHL Hitz 20-02 that is, but that's in a completely different league.

The NHL 13 demo was released yesterday for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  With its new physics-based skating and improved AI and character models, even with 20 days before its official release, it is being labeled a front runner for Sports Game of the Year.

The NHL franchise has evolved drastically over the past several years.  I started playing the franchise back in 2008, back when Eric Staal graced the cover, and have bought the newest version every year (with the exception of 2011) since.  This year's edition seems to have maximized all of the efforts made for a more realistic and challenging game, while still having that fun, replayability (not a word, but it is now) that brings gamers back.

Certain presentation aspects have not changed much like the crowd and the sometimes ridiculous announcing by Gary Thorne and color commentator Bill Clement.  Luckily, it doesn't detract from the game.  Playing the game is almost a completely different experience from last year outside of mere presentation flaws.  The in-game animations and the character models have vastly improved from last year -- where Brad Marchand had a Jay Leno-sized chin with light brown hair.

The skating is the best part of the game for a few reasons.  It makes you really think about every inch of ice you cover when you skate, whether you're sprinting, gliding or attempting to change directions.  Turning will cause you to slow down, gliding will allow you to turn a little quicker, and sprinting will allow you to blow past defenders, but at the risky of sloppier puck-handling.

From playing the demo, the AI works pretty well, although the computer seemed to dump and chase every other possession.  Other modes, such as NHL Moments Live, will allow you to re-live historic hockey moments, such as the Kings Western Conference clinching game against the Coyotes.  And GM Connected boasts the ability to connect 750 players in an online league.  You can play as one team, join up to five other players on a completely user-controlled team, or watch from the bench and set your teams AI to your play style.

From the demo, I would give NHL 13 a solid 9.  Well, probably a 9.5 considering the varied game modes, added Winter Classic stadium and Zombie Nation being in the playlist. Go download the demo now.


This edition of Bluesday comes a little bit belated but let's get into it anyway.  If you let this track work it's magic, Lightning Hopkins' Gin Bottle Blues will sink in right down to your marrow and sit there till the next rough Saturday morning.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bullpen Mafia Doesn't Play Games

Look, I think Chris Perez should have just walked away from this one, but it was worth it just to see how the A's fan reacted when he came over.

MLB players should only approach fans when the fans are little kids asking for autographs, or really attractive girls asking for autographs.  Either one.  Perez broke the fourth wall and approached a blatant idiot when he knew the outcome wasn't going to be anything positive.

Perez throwing out the salary card was a little uncalled for, but when the A's fan can only come back with "how many blown saves do you have," I have to side with the leader of the Bullpen Mafia.  When Oakland becomes relevant in the baseball world, maybe that guy can have a shot at redemption, but until then, he'll stay in the bleachers at Coliseum where he belongs.

If the audio is giving you trouble in that video, you can also check it out here.

Long Day of Childhood? Only One Fix for That

This has all the elements you're looking for in a great commercial.  Obnoxious, but somewhat catchy song, food, and a little kid who plays his role perfectly.

Red Sox Fire Bob McClure, One Small Step Closer to Figuring It Out

Red Sox finally put their first man up against the firing squad Monday night.

Pitching coach Bob McClure was sacked as the pitching rotation continues to struggle nearly into September.  That wasn't the only problem McClure has had all season as early on, his relationship with Bobby Valentine was constantly questioned by the media.

The issues arose when Valentine was hired and did not have the ability to bring on his own coaching staff.  McClure was in place before him, and rumors started to swirl, even to the point of stating that the two coaches did not even communicate.  McClure's replacement will be Randy Niemann, the team's assistant pitching coach, the sole coach that Valentine brought on himself.

Time will tell if this is just a quick fix to assuage Red Sox Nation's frustrations with the pitching staff, or if McClure was a low piece in the season-long game of Jenga.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Obama Brews

If seeing that view of Obama across from me in a bar isn't an American dream come true then I don't know what is. Now, Threeifbystrike is in no way a political blog, far from it, but to not comment on Brobama, or should I say Brewbama, adding his own microbrewery to a wing in the White House would be irresponsible.  This is the biggest addition to the grounds at 1600 Pennslyvania Ave since Taft's bathtub, and that sucker was a monster. 

News of the brews came about after the man in charge made a campaign stop in Iowa and handed a couple  one one of his own 'White House Honey Ales.'  With the cat out of the bag, Obama aides have since confirmed that the President enjoys taking part in his own home brewing and bottling.  Word is the honey from the White House Honey comes straight from the first lady's garden and the ale comes in both light and dark variations, just like the first couple. 

I can get behind everything about this story.  Self-sustaining brewing, going local being green, kegs on Air-Force One, Biden having a few too many and "going Vice City all over the GOP's asses."

While Romney's busy defending his last ten years of paying 13% taxes and the media's discussing Paul Ryan's love of reading Ayn Rand with Rage Against the Machine playing in the background, Obama's kicking back with a cold one, watching his Portuguese Water Dogs chase bees in the garden. 

If Obama gets reelected I think Americans can look forward to a couple more White House brand beers trickling their way out of the district. Here are my predictions for the next few lines to follow the "White House Honey Ale."

We the People Pilsner- Nice and light with subtle nod to Milwaukee.

The Commander and Chief Double IPA- Hopped out the ass with the body of the largest standing army and navy on the back palate. Notes of citrus in the aftertaste but mostly it's just hops, hops, hops.

State of the Union Stout- Strong, filling, will go great with a side of pie and melted American cheese.

I'll be in the capital at the end of September for a Grizzly Bear concert, you can bet I'm gonna try to get my hands on America's Most American brewhaha.

Not Even Fair, Giancarlo Stanton Crushes 494-Foot Bomb

La luna! Just look at how dejected the pitcher and catcher are when that thing leaves the bat.  Dexter Fowler doesn't even move in the outfield.  You just can't teach power like that.

And if you're not sold on how far this shot is, consider that from left to right center, that whole wall is over 400 feet -- 415 feet at its furthest -- which is already a country mile out there.  Giancarlo Stanton is huge baseball playing man.

Not In Favor of Replay, But Something Needs to be Done About MLB Umpires

As expanded replay is being heavily considered in the game of baseball, the umpires sure are making a great case for its approval.

A new expanded replay system is being tested using camera and radar-based technologies to identify the truth behind fair or foul calls, and can even conclude whether a player is out or safe at first base.  Many are opposed to the new system, allowing human error to be a part of the game.  But a little too much leeway has been given of late, and maybe its time for a change.

“It would take a lot less time to go look at a replay than to go out and argue a call,” Mets manager Terry Collins said, “so why not get it right?”

It has been an issue for years, but this season, it seems like now more than ever Major League umpires are attempting to take over the game of baseball, exercising their will over games with idiotic calls and quick ejections.  And there are plenty of examples to back this up.

Does anyone remember the call made in early May by umpire Tim Welke during a Dodgers-Rockies game at first base?  Rockies first baseman Todd Helton picked the ball as Jerry Hairston Jr came across the bag, but the problem was, Helton was a good four feet off the bag.  Misfortune befell the Dodgers again on Thursday when Angel Campos tossed Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp for, as Kemp says, saying "let's go 'Dre" to Andre Ethier who was at the plate. (Listen to the video, you can tell Kemp doesn't say anything worthy of getting sent packing, yet Campos tosses one of the best players in baseball in the second inning because he can.)

Not enough evidence for you?  Alright, we'll keep going.  That same Thursday afternoon, A's pitcher Brandon McCarthy came off the front of the mound to make a nice sliding catch on a popped-up bunt, but home plate umpire Laz Diaz immediately ruled it a trap.  You can watch the video a million times, in no way does that even look like a trap based on how his glove is turned and how the ball landed in there.

Fine, but just one more.  Friday night, during the Orioles-Tigers game.  Jhonny Peralta grounds a ball to third, rookie sensation Manny Machado throws a laser to first baseman Mark Reynolds who, after watching the replay multiple times, makes an amazing tip-toe-on-the-bag diving pick for the out.  But then the impossible happens.  The umpires reversed the call.  They reverse an out call at first base.  Can that even happen?  Reynolds slams his glove down, and the second base umpire, feeling neglected that no one is yelling at him, immediately takes action, giving Reynolds the hook.

In all of these instances, expanded replay would help tremendously.  Umpires wouldn't be calling ridiculous strikes that are practically in the other batter's box, they wouldn't get a simple 5-3 putout horribly wrong and act like they're omniscient when someone argues.  I am adamantly opposed to expanded replay, but if this is what we're in for with Major League umpires for the remainder of this year and the future, something needs to be done.  And fast.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Seems Crazy, But Red Sox Just Need to Play Baseball

"The media's always been a big blow-up factor for those guys. You've got so many eyes with cameras and ears listening, it's ridiculous. Everything's going to get captured. So you've got to be careful what you say. And as for playing, it just seems like since the September fallout, they haven't really figured out what it takes to get back on track. And when they do, something derails them."  -Josh Reddick on Boston

With all that has gone on since the infamous July 26th meeting, it doesn't seem like anyone is really being careful about what they say -- players, coaches or the front office.

There's a tremendous amount of 'he said, he said' going on within the Red Sox organization these days.  Well, its really been going on all season long, ever since the collapse and since the Bobby Valentine hiring.  Then came reports that Kevin Youkilis was such a detriment to the team that he had to be shipped off and once he was, balance would be restored.

Well, that didn't work.

Soon after, the reports shifted to the front office and how general manager Ben Cherington was sitting idly by at the trade deadline, all but completely abandoning the team when moves needed to be made to shore up an injury-riddled team.  But now, all eyes (and ears) are inside the Red Sox dugout.

That July 26th meeting allegedly came to be when Adrian Gonzalez sacrificed himself to be the mouthpiece for a disgruntled ball club.  A text message was sent to ownership, and John Henry called the meeting in which, according to anonymous sources, dealt heavily with the players' frustrations with Valentine. 

After rumors from the meeting started to swirl concerning several players calling for Valentine's head, Dustin Pedroia came out and told the media that Valentine was not to blame, rather the team's poor play was the biggest reason for their frustration.  Pedroia went even further to say that had never met the author of the article about the Red Sox private meeting, Jeff Passan, which proved nothing about what really went on behind closed doors, and only made Pedroia seem like he had a guilty conscious.

No one in Boston knows how to just shut up and play baseball anymore.  As a fan, I know that poor play is a huge problem.  Injuries have made the road even bumpier, and Valentine's questionable relationships with players and coaches have been a pain in the ass.  But do we need to hear it every single day?

Does Henry need to come out in an e-mail and say this is a failed season?  I don't think so.  I certainly understand that a little realism is necessary since we can no longer sit back and say, "well, its only June, plenty of baseball left," but giving up all hope is a little ridiculous.  The September collapse was unbearable last year, but the 2012 collapse is proving to be just as arduous and even more drawn out.

The team just needs to put their heads down and do what they can to at least salvage their name.  Josh Beckett's head is already down, but all he's doing is taking his $15 million and putting on a uniform, he's not trying to win.  There are plenty of players here who want to win, but they just need to get away from the cameras and worry about what's happening on the field.

Boston is a very tough market to play in, and understandably so, given the success this team has had in the past decade and the worldwide fan base that has declared itself an independent nation.  The Red Sox really have their hands tied going down the stretch here, though.  It would make no sense to fire Valentine, and the ownership isn't going anywhere, either.  They can't dump Beckett without flushing millions upon millions down with him.  All the Red Sox need to just play decent baseball for the rest of the year to avoid going below .500 for the first time since 1997.

Is that too much to ask?

Ryan Dempster Not Allowed in Canada

Rangers starter Ryan Dempster is taking a few personal days according to the Texas organization as the team travels north of the border to take on the Toronto Blue Jays.  The team did not disclose what the reasons were for Dempster's time off, but the truth has come out Friday.

He can't find his passport.

Dempster has not pitched in Canada since 2004, and according to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, Dempster lost the document sometime within the past few years.  Things could be worse, and the way Dempster has pitched in the American League, maybe some time off won't be a bad thing.

Yao Ming Hates When You Shoot at Elephants

I stumbled across this video on, and even though its two three years old, its still a gem.

Could they find no one else who wanted to take part in this video besides Yao Ming?  Does every other NBA player love ivory and cheetah fur?  I have nothing against Yao at all, I'm just saying, they pick a guy who can't speak English to be a spokesperson?  Either way, look at that form on the bullet block.  Sheer power.

Is It October 11th Yet? Johnny Boychuk

Look, I understand there are a million different things going on over the NHL's new CBA set to expire September 15th, but do we really want to get into that?

All you need to know is this: the owner's want more control and more money whereas the players want a different revenue-sharing system and they just want to play hockey.  Same old song and dance.  If a deal is not reached by September 15th, the owners are planning on locking the players out.  

"The industry's grown a billion dollars since (the 04-05 lockout) and basically they just want more money," Canadiens defenseman Chris Campoli said Thursday.

Let's just all keep our fingers crossed and pray to the hockey gods there will be a full NHL season.  If we can all do that, then I'll provide awesome hockey videos like this Johnny Boychuk hit every few days.

'Expendables' Impressions Done By MLB Players

With the upcoming release of "The Expendables 2," MLB Fan Cave has gotten into the promotions mix by attempting to cast their own version of the film's next sequel.  If you're looking for good impressions, look somewhere else, but if you're looking to laugh at how awkward players like Sean Burnett, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Franklin Morales can be, then here you go.

Also, Rick Sutcliffe has no place in this movie.  And how many times do you think Ryan Dempster has watched 'The Transporter?"

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sir Mix-A-Lot goes to the movies

To cheer Jon up from the loss of his boy Shoppach things have got to get a little weird.  Enter hundreds of iconic film characters rapping bout asses. Try and sing-a-long with The Terminator, Homer Simpson, Spicoli,   and the won't.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If You Haven't Seen Bruce Springsteen Live, Buy a Ticket Right Now

Tuesday night, Bruce Springsteen opened up a two-night stint at Fenway Park.  The Boss played a killer set, featuring 29 songs that lasted three and a half hours, concluding with a fireworks show and a cover of The Isley Brothers "Twist and Shout."

I've been to my fair share of concerts, from Dave Matthews Band to Guster, Zac Brown Band, Dispatch, Roger Waters, Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright and State Radio.  Never have I ever seen a show with as much energy, and a band have as much fun as Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band did last night. 

The Wrecking Ball tour has been going since mid-March, and will continue until early December.  The band featured six songs from that new CD, plus old favorites that no one gets tired of listening to.  The encore featured "Born to Run," "Rosalita," Glory Days," "Dancing in the Dark" and "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" one after the other.  His regular set featured classics like "Atlantic City," The Rising," "Badlands" and "Thunder Road."

If you've never seen The Boss live, buy a ticket now.  Its absolutely incredible, and I can't wait to go back Wednesday night.

Shoppach Traded to Mets

This is a post I hoped I would never have to write.  Former Red Sox catcher Kelly Shoppach was placed on waivers and picked up by the New York Mets on Tuesday.

I have delayed blogging about this in hopes of answering any and all questions readers would have for the unofficial fan page of Shophouse.

The trade on Tuesday was to exchange Shoppach for a player to be named later, adding to the list of completely unnecessary moves that the Red Sox organization has made since the season began.  But with the recalling of Ryan Lavarnway, there was just no room for Shoppach on the roster, which by the way, I don't understand.  Lavarnway has had great numbers in Triple-A, yes, but for a backup catcher, Shophouse was hitting .250 with five home runs, what more do you really want?

The biggest question is, will this page remain the unofficial fan page?  Absolutely.  That sweet rookie card picture isn't about to leave the right side of the screen, and being traded to the National League means he won't be belting lasers off of the Red Sox miserable pitching.

So here's to you, House, still my favorite player on the Sox this season.  As soon as I find out what number you'll be taking on the Mets, I'll be purchasing one of those blue player tee's.  Good luck out there.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Devil and a Penny-O'Brien's Pub 8/15

If you don't have plans Wednesday August 15th (tomorrow), take a walk to O'Brien's Pub and catch one of The Devil and a Penny's final Boston shows before the Owen twins and crew relocate to Los Angeles to chase the dream.  If this gig is anything like the last one I saw, rest assured there will be lots of girls with pale skins and bangs, neither of the Owens will look up from their guitars, and they'll get people moving. Request "Coffeeshop Kids" for a old, nifty, little track from when the guys were younger. Oogle them on their bandcamp and Kickstarter for more tunes.

Tuesday Bluesday

Back again for another bluesday and what a Tuesday it is. We got a fair number of views from the last bluesday featuring Seasick Steve, so get ready for some soulful throwbacks in the coming weeks.  First of all, get down with this clip from the classic film, "The Blues Brothers."  I just love that jaunty brass slide that says, wherever she is, Minnie's a low down lady and likes it that way.  I can dig.

Next, round out the day with some new music from the Vancouver based Japandroids.  Their new album is great, their old ep is great, the new single is heavy/catchy with a music video showcasing the glamour of Allston. Partially filmed on a recent tour stop at Brighton Music Hall, snippets of Allston's signature lack of charm shine through the video. Brighton ave's own Tavern in the Square (hereafter referred to as TITS) makes a cameo appearance with a denizen of the Allston weekend scene.

Reader Poll:  I live a couple blocks from TITS so my roommates and I end up there all the time, but I couldn't tell you what the draw of the place is. What keeps you coming back?

Being Fastest Man Alive Could Be Worth Unlimited McNuggets

Usain Bolt is undoubtedly the fastest man alive.  But is Shutl the fastest internet delivery service alive?  They seem to think so. holds the world record for "fastest ecommerce delivery" which took less than 15 minutes.  Usain Bolt holds the 100-meter world record of 9.58 seconds.  If Bolt agrees to team up with Shutl and break their world record delivery, they will give him one percent of the company, as well as all the chicken McNuggets he can handle.

Before the 2008 Beijing Games, Bolt mentioned that one of his training secrets was eating chicken nuggets.  "My masseuse brought me the nuggets. I went straight to the track and then my masseuse brought me more nuggets. I just ate two though because my coach said I should not eat so many nuggets."

Sounds like a pretty good offer to me.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Johnny Pesky Passes Away at 92

For 61 years, Johnny Pesky has been involved with the Boston Red Sox organization.  While he never won a World Series, as his playing career took place smack in the middle of the 86 year drought, he was fortunate enough to raise the banner for both the 2004 and 2007 World Championships.  He passed away Monday afternoon in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Pesky was loved by fans young and old.  His number 6 was retired by the Red Sox in 2008, and he is the only Red Sox player to have his number retired without being in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

In recent years, Pesky could always be found at Fenway taking in a game, after his presence on the bench was outlawed by the MLB, because he was not one of the six allowed coaches on the bench.  His lifetime .307 average speaks for itself, and his name will be forever etched into Fenway Park history in the form of the right field foul pole, nicknamed, Pesky's Pole.

Final Medal Count: Team USA is Awesome

Team USA flexed its muscles in the last few days of the 30th Olympic Games, dominating both the total medal count as well as the gold medal count.

Their two biggest events were swimming, where they won 16 golds, nine silvers and six bronzes for a total of 31, and athletics where they racked up 29 -- nine gold, 13 silver and seven bronze.

Forty-six gold medals in total, which ranks as the second highest gold medal total in a non-boycotted year behind the Soviet Union's 55 in 1988.

Highlights of the Games for me were women's beach volleyball going gold and silver, Manteo Mitchell breaking his leg and finishing a race, Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee going gold and silver in the decathlon and of course Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time.


Back in Action

Sorry for the long delay, everybody.  I was away for the weekend, then came back to play in a golf tournament on Monday.  We're back, and even better than ever.  Hopefully the video above can make up for it, and we'll continue to keep rolling.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

German Diver Stephan Feck Makes a Splash

Hahahahahahahahaha. He didn't get hurt so its okay to laugh.

Team USA's Manteo Mitchell Breaks Leg During 4x400 Relay, Runs a 46 Split

Yeah, that happened.  I think just the title enough says all I need to explain in this article.  Stay tuned, I'll be posting the video on as soon as I find it.

Manteo Mitchell finished his 400 meter leg with a time of 46.1 seconds, while running three-quarters of the race on a broken leg.

"I got out pretty slow, but I picked it up and when I got to the 100-meter mark it felt weird," Mitchell said.  "I was thinking I just didn't feel right. As soon as I took the first step past the 200-meter mark, I felt it break. I heard it. I even put out a little war cry, but the crowd was so loud you couldn't hear it. I wanted to just lie down. It felt like somebody literally just snapped my leg in half.

"I knew if I finished strong we could still get it around," he said of the baton. "I saw Josh Mance motioning me in for me to hand it off to him, which lifted me. I didn't want to let those three guys down, or the team down, so I just ran on it. It hurt so bad."

I have no words.  That is absolutely unbelievable. He felt totally fine during warm-ups and everything, felt fine during workouts, but when it came down to race time, it just completely gave out and snapped on him.  And it didn't even phase him.


Thursday Morning Medal Count, and the Day Ahead

A big day on the track was one of the biggest reasons that Team USA has taken the overall medal lead from China, and has opened up a pretty sizable gap in the process.

Today, China has a chance to win two gold medals in women's boxing and women's 10m platform diving.  Team USA is going for gold in those same two events, plus women's soccer and women's water polo.

A silver medal has already been obtained by Haley Anderson of Santa Clara, Calif., in the women's 10k marathon swim.  More room for improvement there, and that women's soccer final, the rematch of the World Cup just one year ago, should be one of the best games of the tournament, men's or women's.

Oh, and synchronized swimming?  Absolutely not a sport. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jeff Francoeur Loves His Popcorn

Jeff Francoeur is pretty good.  I mean, if you like 6-foot-4, 220-pound outfielders with laser rocket arms...

On Tuesday night, Francoeur nearly went crashing into the right field fence chasing a foul ball, but pulled up in time to avoid disaster.  And as he did so, he stumbled across a fan's giant bucket of popcorn.

Hey, look -- if I was an MLB player and I had been out in that outfield for a while, I'd be hungry, too.

Why Josh Beckett is the Worst Thing to Happen to Boston Since Aaron Boone

Josh Beckett, while escaping with a no decision after a 10-9 Red Sox loss to the Texas Rangers, gave up three home runs, and looked like his usual pudgy, terrible self Wednesday afternoon at Fenway Park.

I understand the accusation I just made in the title is a little intense, but who among us can definitively say that someone else has been worse to the Red Sox?  Okay, maybe Julio Lugo or Edgar Renteria, but their attitudes did not affect the players around them.  Beckett is a clubhouse cancer still, allegedly leading the infamous Chicken and Beer Coup of 2011.

When rocky relationships and poor play threatened to put Kevin Youkilis out of Boston, the front office wasted no time in shipping him out, as if it was a matter of life or death for the team.  Where is the urgency with Beckett?  I can guarantee you no one (well, maybe except John Lackey who keeps appearing in the dugout to eat all their Dubble Bubble) is taking Beckett's side here.

So why won't they get rid of him?  They can't.  Who has any interest in an overweight past-his-prime starter who has made it clear that his priorities lie elsewhere?  Maybe a team like the Nashua Pride, a Can-Am team who employed another large Red Sox great in Rich Garces several years back.

Bottom line is, the Red Sox season is hanging in the balance, and is dangerously close to, if not already teetering on the edge of the cliff.  With Josh Beckett playing like he is, the Red Sox are forced to completely change their mindsets and game plans when Beckett takes the hill because they know, as shown today, not even nine runs will bail them out.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting Closer, But Still No Real Answer to Olympic Trumpet Mystery

We have found the song! It is used in the Indian Premier League, the top cricket league in India.

Duh.  Wait a minute, so what does that have to do with beach volleyball at the London Olympics?   While we have some answers, we do not have them all.  The search continues...

Vin Scully Attempts to Read Jim Tracy's Lips, Nails It

An average game for the Los Angeles Dodgers can always be made better by listening to announcer Vin Scully.

When Rockies outfielder Dexter Fowler made a diving catch originally ruled an out, the umpires put their heads together and reversed the call, declaring Fowler trapped the ball.

Rockies manager Jim Tracy came storming out of the dugout to have a few words with the umps, and using his best lip-reading skills, Scully attempts to deliver the conversation in a more G-rated format.

How Much Faster Can Usain Bolt, Sprinters Get?

This is one of the most interesting videos I have seen in a while.  The 100-meter dash has long been regarded as the most exciting race at the Olympics.  We now know it as the race that has 20 minutes of build up for a mere 10 seconds of race time, but it wasn't always that way.

The video above shows the times of every Olympic medalist in the 100m since 1896.  Its an unbelievable gap between the 9.63 Usain Bolt ran this year and the bronze medalist from the inaugural Games.

The craziest part about the video is when they show the fastest times put up by eight to seventeen year olds.  At my peak in high school, I could run an 12.1, so it kind of sucks to see that a 15-year-old could dust me.  Either way, some pretty cool information on how the race has evolved over the years.

Bluesday Tuesday

Blues for Youse.

PS-In case you forget what day it is, click here

Tuesday Morning Medal Count, And The Day Ahead

Alright, so there were a few unexpected issues for Team USA, the most glaring of which came from Horse Guards' Parade, where both men's teams were eliminated.  And how about Great Britain's medal surge, huh?  Gotta give it up for the home town.

But don't worry, we still have plenty of track and field events left, and Team USA will not disappoint.  I would still put my money on us taking home the most gold medals overall.  Our women's soccer team just won an absolute thriller against Team Canada, and will face Japan in the gold medal match which will be a rematch of the World Cup from last year.

Men's high jump, women's 100-meter hurdles, men's discus and men's 1500-meter will all be handing out medals tomorrow in athletics.  Women's basketball moves to quarterfinal match-ups, where Team USA will look to defeat Canada a second day in a row in two sports.

Back at Horse Guards' Parade, Jen Kessy and April Ross will play a semi-final match against the top ranked Brazilian team.  And finally, the US women's volleyball team will play a quarterfinal match as the women's water polo team takes on Australia in a semi-final contest.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Russian Race Walker Goes Down for the Count

I have no idea what's going on in this video, mostly because I'm pretty sure its in Russian, but also because no one really understands race walking to begin with.

I thought the whole point was to keep one point of contact with the ground at all times?  Does that one guy get a red card?  I don't understand the world anymore...

But what we're looking for in this video is Russian competitor Valeriy Borchin, who collapses during the event.  According to reports afterwards, Borchin was in and out of consciousness when he collapsed.  The 2008 Beijing champion, provided a scary scene for spectators when he came crashing into the boards on the side of the course.

Another Reason to Hate Bryce Harper

Nationals rookie outfielder Bryce Harper has made headlines this season for numerous reasons. From his hot start after getting to The Show, to refusing to answer "clown questions," the 19-year-old thinks he has everything figured out.

Sunday afternoon, Harper was up in the 4th inning with a runner on and a four run lead.  So can someone explain to me why he throws a tantrum and breaks his bat after striking out in a meaningless at bat?  His immaturity is the reason he was sent down so early in spring training last season, and now that he's up, it doesn't appear much has changed.

I'll give him a few points for having the strength to shatter the bat, but take more points away for being a tool.

Usain Bolt. That Is All.

Usain Bolt once again proves that he is the fastest man in the world, running the men's 100-meter dash final in 9.63 seconds, and Olympic record, to take the gold medal.

Jamaican teammate Yohan "The Beast" Blake took silver in the event, running his personal best of 9.75 seconds, while American Justin Gatlin also ran a personal best after coming back from a four-year doping ban, clocking in a 9.79 for the bronze.

Apparently two billion people watched the most exciting event at the London Games live, and none of them were in the United States, unless you were live-streaming it.  NBC again refused to show the event live, electing to defer it until their primetime slot, when they didn't show it until nearly 10 o'clock.  I won't get into here, but NBC's coverage is making me more and more angry by the day.

Another bizarre thing about the events happened just seconds before it.  Apparently a fan tossed a green plastic bottle towards the runners, and it landed only feet behind their blocks.  Unfortunately for that idiotic fan, he was next to Dutch Judo champion Edith Bosch who smacked him in the back to knock him down before security arrived.

"I had seen the man walking around earlier and said to people around me that he was a peculiar bloke," Bosch said.  "Then he threw that bottle and in my emotion I hit him on the back with the flat of my hand.  Then he was scooped up by the security. However, he did make me miss the final, and I am very sad about that.  I just cannot understand how someone can do something like that."

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Andy Murray vs. Roger Federer Live on NBC

Even if you are not a tennis fan, you should be today.  Andy Murray, representing Team Great Britain is facing of live again Team Switzerland's Roger Federer.

Neither of the two have won any Olympic hardware to date, with the best finish from either of them coming from Federer, a semi-final appearance in the 2000 Sydney Games.

Since 2005, the two stack up pretty well head-to-head.  Each player has won eight matches a piece when facing each other, but Federer is 5-2 when it comes to championship matches - three of those five wins for Federer coming in Grand Slam events.

Crowd will be a huge factor today, as Murray, originally from Dunblane, Scotland will have the full support of the hometown crowd.  Either way, this match will be one of the best of the tournament, with both competitors coming off impressive matches.  Federer beat the Olympic number one seed, Juan Martin Del Potro in three games, the third being a marathon 19-17 finish for the world number one Federer.

Murray beat one of the best in the world, Novak Djokovic, 7-5, 7-5 to set up his chance to add a gold medal not just for himself, but for the entire home nation.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Medal Count

As Team USA and China continue to assert their dominance over all other nations, its not time for Team USA to assert its dominance over China.

The real sports, such as anything Track & Field related or any team sport are starting to inch closer to handing out medals, and China doesn't have a great shot in really anything anymore.  Sure, they can keep stacking up their badminton medals as high as they want, but ultimately, Team USA will take the overall lead and maintain their gold medal lead til the 12th.

Is The Red Sox Season Over?

The Boston Red Sox fell below .500 again Friday night, losing in embarrassing fashion to the Minnesota Twins in 10 innings.  Getting shut out on Thursday night, then blowing a four run lead on Friday has pushed this team to a losing record, and we're now past the 100-game checkpoint.

Is there any hope?  Can the Red Sox make the playoffs?  Do you even care if they make the playoffs?  No to the third power.

There are too many things going wrong for this team.  Jon Lester received the highest praise from teammates and media alike the other day for another loss and for lowering his ERA to 5.36.  He went eight innings giving up three runs, a quality start, but if his performance can't motivate the offense to score even one run, it doesn't matter.

And the offense has been the only thing to keep this team rolling so far.  On Thursday, the Red Sox managed just two hits, both coming off the bat of Adrian Gonzalez.  He's heating up at the right time, but the trouble is, no one else in this line-up is following suit.  Friday night the Red Sox had the bases loaded with one out in the eighth inning, and could not push a run across to break the tie.  If that had been just a one-time thing, it would be water under the bridge.  But in this case, its yet another tidal wave crashing down.

"Attitude reflects leadership, captain."  The immortal words of Julius Campbell.  A winning attitude should be exemplified by everyone affiliated with putting that team on the field, and everyone who is down on that field.  Lose that attitude and you lose over half of your games.  Sound familiar?  The clearest example of this new attitude happens just before every game, during the National Anthem.

Look to the away team's dugout.  You will almost always see the entire team and coaching staff lined up, attentive, paying respect to our nation.  Look at the Sox dugout.  You'll see Bobby Valentine, Mike Aviles, Daniel Nava, and maybe two other players or coaches.

Off-field issues are continuing to swirl as well.  John Henry and the rest of the Red Sox ownership has been MIA since the trade deadline.  To my knowledge, they have not been at Fenway Park, and are showing fans how much they truly care about the team.  The Red Sox made less noise than a summer breeze does during the deadline, and it seems like everyone in the organization is trying to sweep this season under the rug before its over.

The worst part is, we can't even call this a rebuilding year.  The team is not rebuilding!  They're just falling apart before our eyes.  I don't think this team deserves to make the playoffs.  Teams that make the playoffs want to win -- they want to compete for themselves, for the fans and for a world championship.

No one on this team has shown that they want to win, or are even capable of it... except Cody Ross.

Josh Thole Apparently Has a Hole In His Glove

Kind of a slow day so far, so we'll dissect this play during the Padres and Mets game.

Mets catcher Josh Thole uses a slightly bigger glove when catching R.A. Dickey because of the knuckleball Dickey tosses.  I guess the bigger glove doesn't make it easy to hang onto the ball, though.

Watch the video in that link.  There are a number of things going on here that should be addressed.  First, the throwback uniforms.  Awesome.  The Mets stirrup socks and thick stripes down the side of the pants can't be beat.

Second, keep an eye at the top of the video at the 0:15 second mark.  Yonder Alonso completely wipes out going around second base.  Classic.

But now to the play at the plate.  Thole catches the ball up in front of the plate and turns around on one knee to block the plate.  Bad move.  Buster Posey was on a knee when his ankle shredded.  Thole has plenty of time to turn and just apply the tag, but instead nearly gets his head ripped off.  Lucky for him, Carlos Quentin seemed to be aiming for the glove and not Thole's chest protector.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Should American Football be in the Olympics?

Absolutely not.

If you know me, you know the only two sports I really care about are baseball and hockey.  Baseball is not in the Olympics, and I think that makes sense.  Softball was thrown out of the Olympics after Team USA dominated for however many years that was.  The best hockey game I ever watched was the gold medal game of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver between Team USA and Canada, and the Winter Games wouldn't be the same without it.

As far as basketball is concerned, it has no business being there, either.  Look at the most recent men's basketball game with Team USA.  I don't think you can even call that a game.  There's no question that the best all-around talent in the sport of basketball can be found in the United States.

And the same can be said about American football. After all, it is American football.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said recently that he is very interested in getting football into the Olympics.

"We're already taking steps to gain that IOC recognition," Goodell said.  "We have, I think, 64 countries that are playing American football now, and that's one of the requirements.  That's been growing dramatically. I think it was 40 just five years ago."

Yeah, because I want to see the United States take on Team Kazakhstan, that would totally be a fair game.  Its absolutely pointless to even consider football in the Olympics.  There would be 3 or 4 teams that could be really competitive, but no one would come close to Team USA.  While normally I would root for anything USA, this is one sport I think should stay out forever.
"We're already taking steps to gain that IOC recognition. We have, I think, 64 countries that are playing American football now, and that's one of the requirements. That's been growing dramatically -- I think it was 40 just five years ago."

Read more at:

Thursday, August 2, 2012

MLB Facebook Accounts Hacked, Jeter To Have Sex Change, Padres Don't Like the Handicapped

Early Thursday afternoon, seven Major League Baseball teams had their Facebook accounts hacked.  While some of the posts sound pretty terrible, I think you'll agree that whoever was responsible for this is a genius.

No matter how you slice it, these are hilarious.  They all target different areas such as current events and generally taboo subjects, and are all equally offensive.  But if you can't have a good laugh at these, you need a tune up.

My favorite is clearly the one about Derek Jeter having a sex change, but the Cubs' and Padres' posts are a close second and third.  Without further ado, enjoy the rest of the hacked Facebook messages from MLB.

Thursday Afternoon Medal Count - Most Gold or Most Overall?

Team USA is slowly but surely closing in on the gold medal total.  At this stage in the Olympic Games, the question always arises - which is more important, most golds overall, or most medals overall?

The age-old question.  To win a gold medal, to be the best of the best in the entire world has to be an unparalleled feeling.  It not only provides the athlete with a sense of accomplishment and pride, but the entire nation.

By the same token, earning a medal of any metal is one of the most impressive feats in sports.  When we lose the gold to China and get silver, it stings, but if we're beaten by Australia in, say, a swimming event, then I welcome that silver with equal enthusiasm and pride.

In the immortal words of Ricky Bobby, "If you're not first, you're last," but does the same ring true during the Olympic Games?  Does standing atop any position on the podium getting a medal around your neck really mean that you are last?  To be able to compete in the Olympics, and to be able to take home a medal is the ultimate dream for any athlete.

No country is going to win nothing but gold medals alone.  Winning a smattering of medals in the 302 sports is the goal of all 204 countries competing.  If you ask me, the most medals overall is far more impressive than overall golds.

The overall medal count will get dicey as badminton and table tennis draw to a close, but as the team sports close in and track and field events loom large, I think Team USA is in a good place.

Aly Raisman Ties for Third In Individual All-Around, Doesn't Get a Medal

Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman, after shocking the masses by making the individual all-around finals over decorated teammate Jordyn Wieber, finished in a tie for third place overall - but is going home without the bronze medal.

The 18-year-old Needham native helped her team, dubbed the Fab Five, win all-around team gold just a few days ago, but on Thursday, stepped up to the competition as an individual.  Team USA was also represented by Gabby Douglas, the 16-year-old, not-quite-5-footer from Virginia, who is officially the best all-around gymnast on planet Earth, winning her second gold medal in London.

Raisman was the second-to-last competitor to go in stage four, and her floor routine earned her a temporary spot on the medal stand, tied for second place.  When the final performance of the day from Victoria Komova of Russia pushed Raisman to a tie for third place, she was still temporarily on the medal stand.

Unfortunately, tie-break rules state that the lowest of each gymnasts four scores (from floor, vault, bars or beam) will be dropped, and the total of the other three will determine the winner.  Both tied at 59.556, Raisman and Aliya Mustafina of Russia were subjected to the tie-break rule, and Mustafina came out on top by 0.567.

Team USA representatives were in an uproar over the new rule after the 2008 Beijing Games that would only allow two athletes per country to move past qualifying into the individual all-around finals, instead of the top 24 overall, which would have pushed Wieber into contention.  The tie-break rule has not changed since the last games, but seeing an American denied a medal is always a heart-breaker.

Happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

We've gotten to the point where everything on this planet has a day now, but today, you will hear no complaints from me - it's National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

In case you were wondering, you missed National Ice Cream Day, which always falls on the third Sunday of July (duh...), and today is solely dedicated to ice cream sandwiches.

Free ice cream sandwiches will be handed out at City Hall Plaza in Boston until 2 p.m. today, if you wanted to get your ice cream sandwich fix on.

Can Someone Explain What This Trumpet is About During Beach Volleyball Games?

If you've watched any Beach Volleyball at the London Olympics, which I hope you have given Team USA's dominance, you've heard this weird trumpet riff play randomly throughout the match.

 I've looked all over, and I can't find an explanation, but I'm all about it, and it gets the crowd pumped up every time it plays.  Make a point to watch the next game if you haven't heard it yet, and if you have watched a game and haven't noticed, watch the video above and it'll stick out like a sore thumb.


Minor League Organ Player Tossed for Playing 'Three Blind Mice'

Minor League umpire Mario Seneca made a suspect call during a minor league game for the Daytona Cubs, and the players and fans weren't the only ones to disagree with him. The park's organ player, Derek Dye, chose to call him and the other umpires out by playing "Three Blind Mice" over the PA system, only Seneca did not find it as funny as it really was.

I have to give it to this umpire for picking up on the organ as fast as he did. But at the same time, if he's listening for something like that, then it is clear he's second-guessing himself on something. 

Dye was immediately ejected from the game.  Can he even do that?  If umpires can eject other people inside the ballpark, how has this Rays fan not been tossed from at least one game by a disgruntled umpire yet?  This is just an example of another umpire trying to flex his muscle and show that he owns the game.  Good luck getting called up to the show, Mario.

Derek Lowe Designated for Assignment by Indians - Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

Late Wednesday night, Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Derek Lowe was designated for assignment.  Lowe is 8-10 on the season with a 5.52 ERA.

Combine the Red Sox number one and number two starters in Jon Lester and Josh Beckett.  Totaled up, they sport a 10-17 record and an average ERA of 5.20.  This is a no-brainer, kids.

A hero of the 2004 World Championship team, Lowe needs to return to Boston.  It would give the fans, and maybe even the rotation, that energy that it lacks.  That energy that you're not going to get from Craig Breslow.  And try to tell me Lowe wouldn't get that spark back pitching every fifth day in front of the Fenway Faithful.

Sox general manager Ben Cherington completely dropped the ball at the trade deadline.  Rumor has it, Sox owner John Henry is over in London for the Olympics, and wasn't even in the States on July 31st.  This is your chance, Red Sox.  Wake up and get Derek Lowe back in Beantown.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How Exactly Does This Happen? Jerry Hairston Throws Ball Backwards, Into Stands

Few things are as frustrating as making an error in a baseball game, but when it happens like this, well, that's rock bottom.

Dodgers outfielder Jerry Hairston loses control of the ball while trying to transfer it to this throwing hand, and into the stands it goes.  How a major league player can mess up something like that is beyond me, but it makes for a good blooper.

President Obama, Justin Bieber Latest to Join Olympic Twitter Nation

None of you thought we'd go a full day without talking about the Olympics and Twitter, did you?  I didn't think so.

After some dominating performances from Team USA yesterday, the Twitter world was buzzing, but this time, no disciplinary action needed to be taken.  Instead, praise was given to a few of the athletes from some unlikely sources.

Just after midnight, shortly after swimmer Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all time, President Barack Obama tweeted, showing his support.

"Congrats to Michael Phelps for breaking the all-time Olympic medal record. You’ve made your country proud. –bo"

Can't beat that Twitter signature.

Phelps responded immediately, saying, "Thank you Mr. President!! It's an honor representing the #USA !! The best country in the world!"

The other impressive performance of the day belonged to the "Fab Five," the five gymnasts who won the women's team gold medal by a commanding five points.  While it didn't quite earn a tweet from our nation's president, something tells me this guy's tweet was just as important.

"CONGRATS to @McKaylaMaroney @jordynmarie2013 @kyla_ross96 @Aly_Raisman @gabrielledoug on your GOLD MEDAL. #BeliebersWinGOLD #Proud ..."

Any guesses as to who would call someone else a "Belieber?"  Canadian-born Justin Bieber, realizing his country has no chance at doing well in anything, has been following Team USA's gymnastics team, which makes sense seeing as how their average age is 17, his target audience.  Finally, a Twitter article that doesn't involved racism or disqualifications.

These Badminton Teams Should be Disqualified for Life

Eight women's badminton players have been thrown from the Olympics, and this time, it didn't involve Twitter.  The four teams - one from China, two from South Korea and one from Indonesia - have been dismissed for attempting to throw their matches in order to get a better spot in the next stage of play.

All four teams wanted to get themselves to the bottom half of the standings when the tournament reached the knockout rounds, trying to avoid match-ups with fellow countrywomen.

Attempting to rig the Olympics is one of the most pathetic things I have ever heard in my life.  As if I needed another reason to root against South Korea or China.  One of the worst parts was that these teams subjected the entire audience to a poor excuse for Olympic competition.  Even the crowd knew what was going on, and started to boo and chant against the teams involved.

The only good thing that can come from this is that its one less chance those countries have to get a medal, which could not make me happier.  Be sure to watch the video of it, its absolutely mind-boggling that they thought no one would notice.

Lindsay Lohan Still Making Headlines

Let me preface this by challenging you to find an acceptable picture of Lindsay Lohan on Google to use on the blog... Oh, it took you less than five minutes? I doubt it.

Lohan is apparently still making movies these days, and her latest is titled "The Canyons," co-starring adult film star James Deen.  Classy.  The film was written by Bret Easton Ellis, author of "American Psycho," who likens Lohan's acting skills to Faye Dunaway and Liz Taylor.

But the better story from all of this comes during the making of one of the film's sex scenes.  Lohan, after already appearing in Playboy last year, decided she would be uncomfortable taking her clothes off for the camera unless the 10-man crew stripped down to their underwear first.  Apparently Lohan had enough pull to make the move work, and on went the scene.