Thursday, August 23, 2012

Josh Beckett Placed on Waivers, Finally's Jon Heyman has reported that the Red Sox have put pitcher Josh Beckett on waivers.

Heyman's report also indicates that there is not a lot of interest in Beckett across the league.  If that rings true and Beckett goes unclaimed, the Red Sox will be able to explore trade possibilities before the August 31st deadline.

If a team does go for Beckett, however, they will either pick up the rest of his contract through 2014 -- which he is owed nearly $32 million -- or work out a trade with the Sox.  If neither of those possibilities work, the Red Sox can always pull him back off waivers.

It's tough to say if this really means anything, or if this move will be a wake up call for Beckett or not.  At this stage, the way he carries himself makes it seem like there is no urgency in his play, and that he just doesn't care how he pitches.  They got rid of Kevin Youkilis and that didn't work, so hopefully they can dump Beckett and go into remission the rest of the season.

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