Thursday, August 23, 2012

A-Rod Most Overrated and Now Phoniest MLB Player According to Other MLB Players

Any excuse to use this picture and to talk about how much of a clown Alex Rodriguez is, is welcomed here at Three if by Strike.

In a recent MLB Players poll from Sports' Illustrated, the magazine asked who was the phoniest player in the MLB.  Out of all the players in the entire league, 26 percent of them said A-Rod.  And not to be outdone, Yankees teammate Nick Swisher received 14 percent.

To give you some perspective on this, those two received more votes than the infamous Nyjer "T. Plush" Morgan.

Oh, and as if this wasn't bad enough, A-Rod won top honors on the "Most Overrated Player" poll with 16.8 percent.  Teammate Derek Jeter earned 9.2, and Swisher raked in 5.4 percent.

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