Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Bluesday

Back again for another bluesday and what a Tuesday it is. We got a fair number of views from the last bluesday featuring Seasick Steve, so get ready for some soulful throwbacks in the coming weeks.  First of all, get down with this clip from the classic film, "The Blues Brothers."  I just love that jaunty brass slide that says, wherever she is, Minnie's a low down lady and likes it that way.  I can dig.

Next, round out the day with some new music from the Vancouver based Japandroids.  Their new album is great, their old ep is great, the new single is heavy/catchy with a music video showcasing the glamour of Allston. Partially filmed on a recent tour stop at Brighton Music Hall, snippets of Allston's signature lack of charm shine through the video. Brighton ave's own Tavern in the Square (hereafter referred to as TITS) makes a cameo appearance with a denizen of the Allston weekend scene.

Reader Poll:  I live a couple blocks from TITS so my roommates and I end up there all the time, but I couldn't tell you what the draw of the place is. What keeps you coming back?

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