Monday, August 20, 2012

Red Sox Fire Bob McClure, One Small Step Closer to Figuring It Out

Red Sox finally put their first man up against the firing squad Monday night.

Pitching coach Bob McClure was sacked as the pitching rotation continues to struggle nearly into September.  That wasn't the only problem McClure has had all season as early on, his relationship with Bobby Valentine was constantly questioned by the media.

The issues arose when Valentine was hired and did not have the ability to bring on his own coaching staff.  McClure was in place before him, and rumors started to swirl, even to the point of stating that the two coaches did not even communicate.  McClure's replacement will be Randy Niemann, the team's assistant pitching coach, the sole coach that Valentine brought on himself.

Time will tell if this is just a quick fix to assuage Red Sox Nation's frustrations with the pitching staff, or if McClure was a low piece in the season-long game of Jenga.

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