Thursday, August 2, 2012

Minor League Organ Player Tossed for Playing 'Three Blind Mice'

Minor League umpire Mario Seneca made a suspect call during a minor league game for the Daytona Cubs, and the players and fans weren't the only ones to disagree with him. The park's organ player, Derek Dye, chose to call him and the other umpires out by playing "Three Blind Mice" over the PA system, only Seneca did not find it as funny as it really was.

I have to give it to this umpire for picking up on the organ as fast as he did. But at the same time, if he's listening for something like that, then it is clear he's second-guessing himself on something. 

Dye was immediately ejected from the game.  Can he even do that?  If umpires can eject other people inside the ballpark, how has this Rays fan not been tossed from at least one game by a disgruntled umpire yet?  This is just an example of another umpire trying to flex his muscle and show that he owns the game.  Good luck getting called up to the show, Mario.

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