Saturday, August 4, 2012

Josh Thole Apparently Has a Hole In His Glove

Kind of a slow day so far, so we'll dissect this play during the Padres and Mets game.

Mets catcher Josh Thole uses a slightly bigger glove when catching R.A. Dickey because of the knuckleball Dickey tosses.  I guess the bigger glove doesn't make it easy to hang onto the ball, though.

Watch the video in that link.  There are a number of things going on here that should be addressed.  First, the throwback uniforms.  Awesome.  The Mets stirrup socks and thick stripes down the side of the pants can't be beat.

Second, keep an eye at the top of the video at the 0:15 second mark.  Yonder Alonso completely wipes out going around second base.  Classic.

But now to the play at the plate.  Thole catches the ball up in front of the plate and turns around on one knee to block the plate.  Bad move.  Buster Posey was on a knee when his ankle shredded.  Thole has plenty of time to turn and just apply the tag, but instead nearly gets his head ripped off.  Lucky for him, Carlos Quentin seemed to be aiming for the glove and not Thole's chest protector.

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