Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Morning Medal Count, And The Day Ahead

Alright, so there were a few unexpected issues for Team USA, the most glaring of which came from Horse Guards' Parade, where both men's teams were eliminated.  And how about Great Britain's medal surge, huh?  Gotta give it up for the home town.

But don't worry, we still have plenty of track and field events left, and Team USA will not disappoint.  I would still put my money on us taking home the most gold medals overall.  Our women's soccer team just won an absolute thriller against Team Canada, and will face Japan in the gold medal match which will be a rematch of the World Cup from last year.

Men's high jump, women's 100-meter hurdles, men's discus and men's 1500-meter will all be handing out medals tomorrow in athletics.  Women's basketball moves to quarterfinal match-ups, where Team USA will look to defeat Canada a second day in a row in two sports.

Back at Horse Guards' Parade, Jen Kessy and April Ross will play a semi-final match against the top ranked Brazilian team.  And finally, the US women's volleyball team will play a quarterfinal match as the women's water polo team takes on Australia in a semi-final contest.

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