Saturday, August 18, 2012

Obama Brews

If seeing that view of Obama across from me in a bar isn't an American dream come true then I don't know what is. Now, Threeifbystrike is in no way a political blog, far from it, but to not comment on Brobama, or should I say Brewbama, adding his own microbrewery to a wing in the White House would be irresponsible.  This is the biggest addition to the grounds at 1600 Pennslyvania Ave since Taft's bathtub, and that sucker was a monster. 

News of the brews came about after the man in charge made a campaign stop in Iowa and handed a couple  one one of his own 'White House Honey Ales.'  With the cat out of the bag, Obama aides have since confirmed that the President enjoys taking part in his own home brewing and bottling.  Word is the honey from the White House Honey comes straight from the first lady's garden and the ale comes in both light and dark variations, just like the first couple. 

I can get behind everything about this story.  Self-sustaining brewing, going local being green, kegs on Air-Force One, Biden having a few too many and "going Vice City all over the GOP's asses."

While Romney's busy defending his last ten years of paying 13% taxes and the media's discussing Paul Ryan's love of reading Ayn Rand with Rage Against the Machine playing in the background, Obama's kicking back with a cold one, watching his Portuguese Water Dogs chase bees in the garden. 

If Obama gets reelected I think Americans can look forward to a couple more White House brand beers trickling their way out of the district. Here are my predictions for the next few lines to follow the "White House Honey Ale."

We the People Pilsner- Nice and light with subtle nod to Milwaukee.

The Commander and Chief Double IPA- Hopped out the ass with the body of the largest standing army and navy on the back palate. Notes of citrus in the aftertaste but mostly it's just hops, hops, hops.

State of the Union Stout- Strong, filling, will go great with a side of pie and melted American cheese.

I'll be in the capital at the end of September for a Grizzly Bear concert, you can bet I'm gonna try to get my hands on America's Most American brewhaha.

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