Saturday, February 1, 2014

If This is What Domestic Drones Will Look Like, Count Me In

WebProNews- Not all drones are bad. In fact, some are downright delightful. Lakemaid Beer, a microbrewery operating out of Wisconsin, has enlisted the utilization of UAV's to provide ice fisherman with one of the single most important components of the ice fishing experience, beer.

That's right, they're using drones to deliver beer. CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING MORE AMERICAN THAN THAT?! "Let me used converted military technology to get people hammered." That's the equivalent of Clint Eastwood wearing Tom Selleck's mustache while training a bald eagle to retrieve steaks.

That said, the Federal Aviation Administration is also competing for the title of "most American organization in the world." Perhaps the only thing more American than using drones to deliver beer, is the FAA preventing people from using drones to deliver beer.

The FAA sent Lakemaid's Jack Supple 74 pages of code listing numerous violations and effectively grounding the single most American invention since we gave the world Freedom and five dollar lobster. Despite the setback, the event has garnered a great deal of support for Lakemaid, including an official White House petition.

Only time will tell whether Lakemaid is allowed to utilize their BUAV's. Regardless, it's a pretty cool concept and just goes to show that you can only judge a drone by its payload.

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