Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guy Allows Home Run Ball to Hit (Presumably Now Ex-)Girlfriend in the Face

We've seen balls hit into the stands caught by beer cups, guys on their cell phones (check out who wrote that last article), and fathers holding their children.  Then we've seen balls that have caught unsuspecting girlfriends in the arm or now face when their chivalrous boyfriends move like guys from "The Matrix" to get out of the way.

Before we start to make fun of this loser for not being man enough to catch a ball with his bare hands, let me just say that this should in no way lend support to the argument for wearing a glove to a game at his age.  But seriously, if the odds of getting struck by lightning are more in your favor than catching a foul ball or home run, how could you just let one go without making an effort? 

Even the girlfriend has a hand in the vicinity, but the guy is practically at the concession stand by the time the baseball arrives.  Just a poor showing all around by this guy.  He takes a girl to a ballgame, gets some awesome seats right on the center field wall, and all she has to remember the night by is a bruised cheek bone.  Sweet.

Oh, and yes, I believe that's a blog record for most hyperlinks in one paragraph at the top, there.

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