Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Through Sports, We Are One Boston

We are One Boston. We Are Boston Strong.

This great city has begun its rally, and we are not alone.

Sports have long been a way for people to unite during times of hardship, but for Bostonians in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, sports have begun to unite for them.  Teams from California to Montreal -- and even as far as London -- have held moments of silence to honor the victims.  On Tuesday night, teams all around Major League Baseball played Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline," an eighth inning staple inside Fenway Park for Red Sox home games.

The healing process will take time, but knowing the teams we support are supporting us right back makes an incredible difference in Boston.  Seeing fans in pinstripes belting out "Sweet Caroline," hearing entire crowds go from perfect silence to deafening cheers during our National Anthem and just knowing that our city is on the mind's of our favorite athletes as they put on their uniforms makes us stronger than ever before.

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