Monday, January 27, 2014

Jack Edwards is Wearing On Me

I hate to say it, but Jack Edwards is kind of annoying this season.  In this past, I was always one to talk about how much I enjoyed his call of Bruins games.  Now, I'm getting a little sick of him.

One of the major reasons why I find Jack really annoying this year is his undying love for everything Ryan Spooner.  Whether its his speed or his “10 and 2 move,” there’s no doubt Spooner, in less than half a season, has Jack Edwards swooning.

It’s kind of sickening to watch Spooner take three strides through the neutral zone and chip the puck in, only to hear Edwards describe the play as “Spooner using his explosive speed to make things happen through the neutral zone.”  As unfair as it may be, comments such as these have started to turn me against Spooner a bit.

There’s no doubt the kid has speed and the offensive instincts to make things happen, but he’s still young.  It takes time to learn the game and to learn how to be consistently successful in the NHL.  It’s unfair to hype the kid up so much and cause fans to expect more than what’s reasonable from the rookie.

Jack’s love for Ryan Spooner is surpassed only by his love for Sidney Crosby and the rest of the Penguins team/organization.  There’s no denying Crosby’s talent, but I don’t want to hear how great he is every time he touches the puck.  I hear it enough from Pierre McGuire when the Penguin’s play on NBC Sports Network.

Another big reason is the fact that he’s starting to run out of material.  “Martha, the barn is on fire!” got a good laugh the first time, probably even the second, but after that it gets old.  I’ve heard Lucic referred to as “train number 17” too many times and I’m sick of hearing about a certain player having "a bee under his bonnet.”

Don’t get me wrong; I still like Jack Edwards.  I actually do enjoy some of his cornier lines and I can definitely appreciate the passion and enthusiasm he calls each Bruins game with.  I just feel like lately he’s needed to tone it down a little.

I do want to end this post on more of a positive and supportive note, so take a listen to a couple of my favorite Jack Edwards calls of all time.  Both the Nathan Horton series clinching overtime goal against the Canadiens in 2011, and the Patrice Bergeron OT goal to eliminate the Maple Leafs in last year's Stanley Cup Playoffs are truly some of his best.

Overall, he's a pretty likable weirdo.

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