Monday, January 27, 2014

The Hot 100: Billboard's 100th Best Song of the Week

I have slacked a bit on bringing you the 100th best songs of the week, but it figures that when I try to get back on the horse, who else but Justin Bieber has the coveted 100th spot.

How fitting...

The last Bieber song I listened to was "Boyfriend," and after that, I've just tried to steer clear.  The Biebs has been in the news recently following his DUI and drag racing arrest, which proves he's totally like, the coolest dude alive, right?  He's 5'7", Canadian, and a wiener.  He sucks.

I haven't listened to the song, but I watched about 25 random seconds of the video and have had enough.  Sorry to ruin your Monday with this.  I don't make the news, I just write about it.

January Week 4:
Artist: Justin Bieber
Song: All That Matters
Peak: 24

My Rating: I won't give the song a rating, so instead I will rate where his life is currently at.

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