Friday, January 4, 2013

Personal Foul: Unnecessary Fat Joke, Ed Werder

 Making fun of Rex Ryan for being overweight is okay because he's a jerk and has a tattoo of his wife wearing his quarterback's jersey.  Making fun of Andy Reid for no apparent reason?  Shame on you, ESPN's Ed Werder.

On Sportscenter, Werder was covering the deal between the Kansas City Chiefs and their new head coach Reid.  For whatever reason, he decides to take a jab at Reid's weight.  I mean, yes, he's a large man, but I don't recall him doing anything to warrant an insult.

As you watch the video above, listen to what happens after Werder makes the joke, he kind of stutters, probably thinking, 'yeah, that was a terrible idea.'

Yeah, that was a terrible idea.

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