Monday, January 14, 2013

Hawks Season Ticket Holder Defies Physics

Hitting a half court shot is tough, but using some sort of magic and making the ball stop on the back of the rim after being hurled 40 feet has to be impossible, right?

During halftime of Atlanta Hawks home games, they have recently started their "Money Shot" promotion, where season tickets holders get a chance at $1000 for making a shot from half court.  Sunday's contestant was a guy named Kevin, who was "feeling pretty good" about the shot.  You know when something is so rare they say its one in a million?  I'm going to go ahead and say this is one in about a billion.

First of all, Kevin clearly shot long there and should've missed.  But since inside the Phillips Arena you can bend the laws of gravity, his shot just sat on the back of the rim until the emcee helped him out, showing off his ups and grabbing the net.  Sounds like $1000 for the assist if you ask me.  Much higher success rate of a pass from half court than a shot.

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