Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Raiders Linebacker Rolando McClain Gets Pulled Over for Tinted Windows, Gives Cop Fake Name

On Tuesday, former first round draft pick of the Oakland Raiders, Rolando McClain, was pulled over by a police officer because the tinting of his windows was too dark and therefore illegal.

Alright, that's a bad situation, but nothing that couldn't at least be helped out by a simple conversation, right?  Well, not if you're Rolando McClain.  McClain has had a few brushes with the law before, like in November of 2012 when he held a gun next to a man's head and pulled the trigger right next to his ear.  Strike one, but luckily that guy didn't press charges.  But here we are now, on the side of the road, and here's how it went.  The officer asked to see McClain's license, and what was his response?

"You know who I am."  So, counting the first swing and a miss in November, looks like this is strike two.

The officer explains he has pulled McClain over for the tint on the windows, saying it is illegal because of how dark it is.  McClain responds that he has a doctor's note allowing it because of his "photosensitivity" and that he needs "maximum ultraviolet radiation protection."

Foul tip, on that one.  He stays alive.

Not written on a medical prescription, the note had no merit, so the officer informed McClain that he would just need to present the note in court and then the whole case would most likely be thrown out.  A citation was written and handed to McClain to sign his name.  McClain handed the slip back to the officer.

The name read. , "F*** y'all." That's strike three, sir.

Falsifying information was the straw that broke the camel's back in this one as McClain was hauled off to jail.  Luckily, he posted $1,000 bail and is now free to roam the streets once again.

Roll Tide.

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