Friday, January 18, 2013

Ray Lewis Dances on the Side of a Hotel


How awesome is this?  The Ray Lewis pregame dance immortalized by a laser light show on the side of a hotel in Baltimore.

Hopefully they can transport that and get it to the top of Gillette Stadium to shine on the field after another victory for Lewis and the Ravens.  With that image in mind, now is a good time to explain my Super Bowl picks.

The Ravens and the Falcons.

Look, yes Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick are good.  And before you Pats fans freak out that I mentioned Kaepernick next to your god, just know I respect Brady ('s acting career) and mean no offense.  The Patriots offense is even better than top notch, with or without players like Rob Gronkowski -- out with a broken arm for the rest of the playoffs -- and Danny Woodhead.  However, the Ravens defense is deserving of the same adjectives that you could use to describe the Pats' O.  It will be an all-out battle between Lewis and Brady. 

On the offensive side for Baltimore, Joe Flacco leads nearly the exact same offense onto the field as he did when Billy Cundiff missed a field goal to send them to the Super Bowl.  Well, minus Lee Evans who, if he had just caught the ball in the end zone, could have won them the game anyway.  The Pats secondary seems to be getting better game by game, but the Ravens receivers are white hot right now.

As far as the NFC side of things goes, I couldn't really care any less.  Matt Ryan looked like a champ in the first half of the Falcons eventual win over the Seahawks, but then whoever the crazy man inside his head is decided that he just wanted to continue to be terrible in the postseason.  Yada yada yada, they won by a field goal.  Not a strong case for them, I understand, but I'll get there.

When the 49ers made the switch from Alex Smith to Kaepernick, I thought they were going to fold.  Very wrong, as it turns out.  I'm not a believer in Kaepernick, because I don't believe in anyone who wears a baseball team's hat with the wrong colors on it.  He can run, so if they can hold him to less than 180 yards, we'll see...

Either way, my picks are based off of two people.  Ray Lewis and Tony Gonzalez.  Both of these players, veterans of 33 combined years, will be calling it quits whenever their playoff runs end.  One of the greatest tight ends of all time running routes covered by one of the greatest linebackers of all time in the Super Bowl?  Come on, that's an awesome story.

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  1. Great post Jon and a Ravens Falcons bowl would be the second most badass championship possible.