Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And then he finished...thanks Boston

Warning! Most of this post is NSFW

On my way home today I made the mistake of being curious at the exact wrong moment and now what has been seen can't be unseen.  Please refer to the Always Sunny video posted above as it's a surprisingly accurate account of what happened.

Here's me walking along, looking forward to grilling chicken wrapped in bacon and yelling at my Super Nintendo all night.  I glance left for one second and there he is, lower half behind a wall, upper half hard at work. Before I can turn away, he hits his vinegar strokes. By the time he bends to pick up pants my last scrap innocence of has been lost, left behind on that wall with the remains of Hobo Jones' genetic material.

I saw into his soul and I could've done without it. Learn more about vinegar strokes from the guys of The League. They sing a song about it too.Thanks for another Hallmark moment Boston. I'm upset.

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