Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spain Won the Euro Cup - Now What?

Spain embarrassed Italy in the Euro Cup Final, 4-0.  Good for them.  Now that the Euro Cup is over, when will people care about soccer again?

Possibly this month?  The Olympic Games have had soccer as a discipline since 1900 for men, and since 1996 for women.  The U.S. men's team failed to even qualify for the tournament, so will anyone watch the men's U23 tournament?  Spain's probably going to win, considering their U21 team won the European Championship last season, and three players - Jordi Alba, Juan Mata and Javi Martinez - are coming off the Euro Cup Championship team.

So who else is there to care about?  Ryan Giggs and Craig Bellamy are two of the exemptions on Great Britain's team, and other than that... Senegal?  United Arab Emirates? Brazil?  Well yeah, maybe Brazil.

On the women's side, Team USA are going for their third straight gold medal.  Women's sports usually fall by the wayside, but I think there's plenty to watch with this team.

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