Sunday, July 1, 2012

David Beckham Plays Hardball

So what we're looking at in this video is the San Jose Earthquakes versus the LA Galaxy in the MLS Game of the Week (very exciting).   Earthquakes player Sam Cronin flops near the penalty area, hoping to draw some sort of penalty from the referee.  One of his teammates boots the ball downfield instead of clearing it to the side where David Beckham is waiting for a throw-in.

Beckham didn't like the move, and decided to show off his precision skills by booting a homing missile right at Cronin on the ground.  Here's the best part of the video.  The idiot rolling around on the ground in "pain" all of a sudden, stands up and starts running towards Beckham, still bitching at the ref.  Either way, sweet move by Beckham.

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