Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can't Decide if This is Cool or Not

I guess the X Games are going on...

Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy, a rally car driver and a Hollywood stuntman, set a World Record by driving two Hot Wheels style rally cars through 66-foot tall loops.  But I just can't figure out if this is cool or even impressive.

I mean, I absolutely wouldn't drive a car upside down, but that's because I'm not an idiot.  And how is this a world record?  Because no one has built giant orange Hot Wheels loops before to do this?  I assume you would consider this a sports world record, since it technically falls under the umbrella of racing, but usually sports records are things you care about or actually are impressive. 

Like Olympic records.  That takes years of training, a strong mind and a perfect race day.  I'll say its impressive solely based on that fact that I can't do it, otherwise, you can keep it.

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