Monday, February 18, 2013

Joel Peralta Chooses Sandwiches Over Pitching in World Baseball Classic

Rays reliever Joel Peralta, after being left the first World Baseball Classic roster for the Dominican Republic, has finally been invited to play for the team, but will not be able to participate due to a neck injury.  How did he sustain the injury?

"#Rays Peralta hurt his neck getting out of car when he stopped for sandwiches," according a tweet from Marc Topkin of the Tamba Bay Times.

Real tough break for the 36-year-old, who has been wanting to play in a WBC, and figures this could be his last shot.

"The main thing is, this is probably the only chance I have to play in the WBC and I'm not going to be able to," Peralta said. "I was hoping that I could. Years earlier, I was anxious for them to invite me to go and they didn't. Now, they invite me to go and I can't go. So it hurts a little bit."

He isn't expected to miss much time from Rays' spring training, but no injury is a good one.  He had no way of knowing he would strain his neck when he stopped at that sandwich shop, but I'd risk a helluva lot more than that to get my shot at a good sandwich.

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