Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Late to the Party - Harlem Shake

I apologize for coming late to this party, but the blog's gotta talk about the Harlem Shake.  I was introduced two nights ago to the Harlem Shake by my friend Span, and spent a good hour and a half watching the :30 second videos.

They really need no explanation, but in case you're a little confused, then that sucks for you, because I just sat here trying to coherently map out steps to follow to make this video, but if I were to post it, it would make us all look like idiots.

The video at the top is my number one, here.  "The Today Show" on NBC gets an honorable mention for their Valentine's Day-themed video this morning on the show, complete with Al Roker doing the moonwalk across the screen with angel wings on.  To round out my top three are these two in an office/classroom setting.  Just the idea of that happening in either of those places is hilarious to me, and picturing the people I work with getting in to this song and going bananas for :15 is too much.

The scene at 2:02 wins the bronze for me, but some other ones are classic in this collection, too.

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