Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Brother Ali Track is almost as Meta as Inception

This is what I love about underground hip-hop. Rules can be ignored and anything can happen. The track in the video above is, as  himself will tell you in the intro, the Minneapolis  rapper's sampled recording of an interview with the Canadian Youtube personality, Nardwuar, and the music and very specific gifts Ali was given during his time talking to the odd reporter. It's great. It's one part commercial promoting Nardwuar and an equal part high quality hip-hop that could find a home on any of the Rhymesayers next mixtapes.

So the song is great. Just great. And what a cool thing for Brother Ali to do. He took time out of his day to make music for a huge music fan. If you watch the full interview on Youtube, you can see how impressed the gifted albino rapper from the Twin Cities is with the obvious care that went into the interview.. Let me try and break it down. There's a lot of layers but if you bear with me, I'll do my best to keep it simple.

Brother Ali: Rapper from Minneapolis who recently wrote a great article about the state of homophobia in contemporary Hip-Hop and also put out his fifth studio album, "Mourning in America: Dreaming in Color," this past year to critical acclaim.

Nardwuar:Canadian internet personality and musician, known for his odd fashion choices and his laser accurate gifts and records he gives to his interviewees.  For a fun intro into what he's about, check out this conversation he had with Lil Wayne Newton John

BONUS: For the sake of the greater good, and whomever reads these posts to the end, I have also included one of the tracks that got me into hip-hop, keeps me coming back for more and will always be something good with an amazing message. Just do you, no matter who you are...unless you murder people for fun. Stop that. Listen to more Atmosphere instead.

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