Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Michael Grey - First Listen to Feb. 28 Debut EP

Michael Grey stands poised to make his debut onto the growing Boston music scene.  He and his producer, known as The Professor, have been making music together for over four years, and have compiled a five-track EP, titled "Wide Awake," set to release Feb. 28.

I listened to "Alice," the first track coming off of the new mixtape on Monday night.   I will admit, at my first listen, the song took a little while to kick off -- it took me a few tries to get the feel and the beat down.  But the further into the song I got, the more I started getting into that beat and the lyrics, too.  Grey's rap at first seemed sporadic to my ears, more attuned to rock and country, but along with the expanding beat, I thought the lyrics here worked extremely well, taking their time and working with the music rather than overpowering it.

After listening to the track a few times, I think "Alice" off of "Wide Awake" should provide the duo with a smooth transition into their first -- and free, kids -- EP release.  I'll be checking out the EP when it drops, but in the meantime, if you're into the song and want any updates on the artist, be sure to follow him on Twitter at @IAmMichaelGrey.

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