Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bo Pelini Is Unfit for Society

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini has outdone himself this time.  While I could explain his profanity-laced tirade towards his own fans at Nebraska that came out earlier in the season, wouldn't it be more enjoyable to watch a Taiwanese animation of it?

We thought so too.  So now that you're up to speed, the video of Pelini swinging his hat nearly into a referee's face during the Iowa game makes a little bit more sense.  But in typical fashion, Bo once again let his words speak louder than his actions.

"I thought that was a chicken shit call. Excuse my language on that, but I've never seen anything like that before."

Pelini was referring to a pass interference call about halfway through the third quarter, which came just after he was leaving the field at halftime and was already fuming.

"I don't coach to make a case," Pelini said to reporters immediately following the game. "If they want to fire me, go ahead.  I believe in what I've done, I don't apologize for what I've done."

Awkward.  Safe to say Nebraska has not had the season that Pelini has envisioned, and currently sits at 8-4.  This is his sixth year of coaching the Cornhuskers, and while his antics may not be loved by the school, the players have a pretty deep-seeded respect for the man.

"I would play for Bo Pelini against Satan himself and a team of demons at the gates of the underworld."

Ladies and gentlemen, the quote of the century brought to you by Cornhusker receiver Kenny Bell.

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