Thursday, November 21, 2013

Called It

As you might be aware, the Boston Red Sox are your 2013 World Series Champions, thanks in no small part to the pitching performances of one John Lackey.

Since Mr. Skinny Britches himself showed up to Spring Training way back in late February, I was in full support, knowing that a new-look Lack could find the success everyone thought a 5-year, $60 deal would bring just a little sooner.

But all that time lost was nothing a little patience and facial hair couldn't fix.  Lackey went 3-1 in the postseason with a 2.77 ERA.  He has 25 strikeouts in 26 innings and posted a 1.19 WHIP.  He even pulled a classic Lackey when manager John Farrell came out to pull him in Game 6, and told him to shove off.  But in his win, he became the 10th pitcher (sixth starter) to clinch multiple World Series winners, his first coming 11 years ago in a Game 7 win for the Angels over the Giants.

So congrats to Lack and the Red Sox on bringing home their third trophy in 10 years, and a little pat on the back to me for being a believer.

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