Monday, April 23, 2012

Canucks are Gone

I'm not a huge fan of memes, but I figured if there was a good time to bust one out, this was it.  Last night, the Los Angeles Kings, the #8 seed in the West, eliminated the Vancouver Canucks.  That caps the 42nd year of misery in Vancouver... I love it.

Hey, at least Roberto Luongo played good... Wait, no, that was their back up Cory Schneider.  Well, at least the President's Trophy counts in the Playoffs... Wait, no, it doesn't mean anything.  Alright, at least the whole team played well... Oh, they only won one game? Nevermind, they're garbage.

I don't know how much further the Kings will make it, but clearing out the Canucks is a huge leap towards hoisting the Cup, even with possibly three more series to go.

The good news for the 'Nucks is they now have an extra month and a half of no distractions to figure out what to do with Luongo.  His $5.3 million per year through 2022, no-trade contract will be virtually impossible to move.  Plus, if you were a team with a chance at the playoffs, why would you want someone who's now twice proven to fold up?

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