Monday, April 23, 2012

Love in Stockholm and Dan HL

So far, I'd like to think that I've entertained your eyes and minds, and I haven't forgotten the ears.  As it was with The Weekend, this would normally be our "Top iPod Jams" section, but for better or worse, the focus will fall heavy on two bands this week.

Love in Stockholm formed in Allston, MA, and is one of the best local bands I've seen in a long damn time, the other being the next band I'll mention.  They fashion themselves a rock 'n soul band, and they deliver on that with every song. Check them out on Spotify or iTunes, and visit their site, If you're into it, follow them on Twitter @loveinstockholm.  The video above has got to be my favorite song, "Running In Place."

In a perfect world, I'd be in a band named Dan HL.  The Boston-based "abrasive folk" rockers play out from DC to Maine, and for my money, are one of the best shows around (even when they play in the basement of a bar that only allows three of their five members to play at one time). Check them out on Spotify, iTunes, @dan_HL, or at, and watch their live performance of "Indie Film Actor" from NYC.

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