Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Canucks Still Doing What They Do Best

 The Canucks do everything well, except play hockey.  They can cheap shot you, talk trash, bite you and now make excuses for why they're not still in the playoffs.  Their general manager Mike Gillis took the reigns on this one:

“I really felt the game in Boston for some reason was such an emotional and challenging game, it was almost like playing a Stanley Cup final game in the middle of the season and from that point on I don’t think our team ever really collectively got their emotions together,” Gillis said.  “We had some injuries that disaffected us and we just didn’t seem to play consistently as well from that point. There were certain points where our goaltending was so good it got us through. As a group I didn’t think we executed as well or played as well from that point for the remainder of the season.”

Oh, it wasn't that you guys just played like garbage against the #8 seed Kings, or that you just didn't have the legs to compete?  It was definitely the Bruins fault.  Sorry you guys wasted all of your energy fighting Shawn the same time...while he was against a wall...against your bench.

Stay classy, Vancouver...

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