Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who is the Best Caped Superhero?

So, the other day, my roommate Jim comes out of the shower and just stands in our common room, with a quizzical look about him.  He then poses the following question:

"Who is the best caped superhero?"

He admitted to being a fruit and thinking about this during his shower, but it's a pretty legitimate question.  Let's discuss:

However you bracket the competition, it's going to come down to Batman and Superman.  But the final four would probably include Thor and the underdog of Magneto.  Quailman could snag a spot in the elite eight, but only because the other competitors would be Halloween-costume imitations.

If you don't know who Quailman is, or was, I guess, that may be your biggest question mark, but for those of you who had a childhood, your attention fell on Magneto.  Look, yes he's the X-Men's biggest antagonist, but think about it.  Magneto was just looking out for his fellow mutants.  Think about it: yeah, he hates humans, but who here doesn't wish they had some of those mutant powers?  So before you go bad-mouthing Sir Ian McKellan, take a water break and consider.

Now down to the final.  Everyone already knows the winner, its like the 1995-96 Bulls playing a rec league team.  Batman.  The five-tool player.  First-rounder.  There's no question.  Superman's enemy was played by Kevin Spacey in one movie, I'm pretty sure that should've disqualified him from the competition.  Batman was up against Heath Ledger.  Did you see The Patriot?  Ledger killed A TON of British dudes.

The argument really lies in: Is Batman truly a superhero?  Answer: Absolutely.  I think importance relies on "what does he do," rather than "what is he?"  Yes, Superman is truly a super man, possessing other-worldly powers, but Batman uses natural abilities and technology to combine into a crime-fighting machine. 

Plus, Batman's American.

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