Sunday, April 22, 2012

Us vs. Them


Alright, so we're 4-10.  Big deal.  We were 2-10 last year, then we were the hottest team in baseball all summer.  The collapse happened, its over.  This is a new year.

Honestly, no, I'm not that thrilled to have Bobby Valentine as the manager.  But in his defense, he didn't expect to be without Carl Crawford, Jacoby Ellsbury and Andrew Bailey 14 games in.  I just can't tell you how embarrassing it is to hear boos reign down for the home team in our home stadium.

Its obviously easier said than done, but I think Yogi Berra had an explanation for this: "Ninety percent of the game is half mental."  When you have the weight of an entire city on your back, pissed about missing the playoffs by one game last year, its gonna wear on you.  The Sox just have to take it one at-bat, one pitch at a time.  Stop over-thinking, everybody has to just play their game, and it'll come together... says the utility man on a D-III club baseball team.

Maybe take a page from Big Papi David Ortiz's book.  Hitting over .400 finding those holes in the shift, and not to mention losing all that weight and backing up his teammates no matter what.

But here's why it's us versus them, boys and girls.  When the Yankees get swept in a series by the Rays in mid-June, they'll be ready to tar and feather Joe Girardi while they fall to their knees and cry to the heavens about how God has forsaken them.

Look, we're 4-10, if we break now by not showing up to the games, booing everbody and slamming them all over Twitter, Facebook or whatever else, its just going to get a lot worse.  It's April.  If you bet your life savings on the Sox going 153-9, then you can get upset and boo all you want, but for the rest of you, keep the faith.

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