Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missing: @JoseCanseco

 Everyone's favorite juicehead, Jose Canseco, is just fine, but the same cannot be said for his Twitter account.  @JoseCanseco has disappeared from the Twittosphere, according to ESPN.com.  Their list of Canseco's greatest tweets pretty much sums up why this is a worthy story...
  • "al gore was a head of his time. i miss him rest in peace buddy hug for u"
  • "did you hug a tree today send me pic of your splinters"
  • "Yesterday at Fenway it was so hot. In all my years playing ther I never seen a hot day in April in Boston. Must be global warming"
  • "I will challenge you to a spelling competition"
  • "Boston needs a dh I am ready, just need a tryout. nobody loves playing the game more than I do"
  • "I would rather be stupid and honest than smart and a lyar whitch one r u."
  • "I am pretty dumb for a genius"

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