Thursday, November 8, 2012

Aerosmith: Music From Another Dimension Review - B-

Rock legends Aerosmith, fresh off a live performance on Commonwealth Avenue, have released a new studio album.  "Music From Another Dimension" marks the band's first studio release since 2004, and the first release with completely new and original music since 2001.

At first glance, the CD's 15 tracks (18 on the deluxe edition) seem a bit overwhelming.  At times, listening felt like a chore because there is so much to take it, but Aerosmith hasn't been making a living for this many years putting out bad music.

The opening track, titled "LUV XXX," opens with a goofy voice-over explaining that "there is nothing wrong with your perception of reality," and sets a strange tone for the album which is luckily smashed seconds later by classic clashing guitars provided by Joe Perry and Brad Whitford.  When we hit the chorus, however, the melody gets a little strange which will quickly become this album's overarching theme.

The tracks "Beautiful" and "Tell Me" confused me at first, because they didn't sound like true Aerosmith songs, but rather like another band from their heyday.  When the final power chord rings out on "Tell Me," the album really starts to hit its stride.

"Out Go the Lights" right to "Street Jesus" are probably the CDs best tracks, showing off the band's versatility while being able to bring out what makes this band who they are.  A good mix of horns, nasty guitar solos, Steven Tyler screams and the band's single "Legendary Child" give "Music From Another Dimension" some serious bite.  The single features some lines like "took a chance at the high school dance," bringing back that old Aerosmith feel with a nice full sound topped off with another one of Perry's face-melting solos.

The songs "What Could Have Been Love," "Can't Stop Lovin' You" and "We All Fall Down" sound like continuations of "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing," which isn't necessarily a bad thing and provides the album with a much needed step back.

What I really liked about this album was when things started to get shaken up.  Perry steps in as the front man, singing "Freedom Fighter" and "Something," with Tyler falling back to the drums on the latter track.  American Idol alumni Lauren Alaina and Carrie Underwood get in the mix as well, appearing on a couple songs, while actor Johnny Depp backs Perry on "Freedom Fighter."

Aerosmith performed on "The Today Show" Nov. 2, then another morning gig on the streets of Boston in anticipation of their new album and even though they look like they've aged 100 years, they still know how to rock a crowd and this new album is all the proof you'll need of that.

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