Thursday, November 8, 2012

Soupy and the Police

This story is not about the lockout.

Because of that thing going on that doesn't allow hockey players to play their sport against one another wearing official uniforms -- the name escapes me -- players are looking for things to do.  Something to keep themselves busy aside from trying to stay in shape with various hockey workouts at the closest arenas that they aren't locked out of.

In Boston, Gregory Campbell, center on the Bruins "Merlot" line, is getting his daily dose of adrenaline by joining one of his friends from the Boston Police department on ride-alongs.  Soupy gets in the mix with the BPD's gang unit, which he has some experience with.

When Campbell played for the Florida Panthers he would do ride-alongs with the Miami Police, rolling through Miami's Liberty City neighborhoods.  Whatever gives you that rush, I guess.  But I tell you what, sending Soupy out there with a bulletproof vests and his fists is probably one of the best crime deterrents.

Two points for creativity on this one.  Though there's still that risk of injury, Campbell's still in playing shape unlike his comrades who've signed up to play in Europe.  Tuukka Rask left a game with a groin injury and Patrice Bergeron injured his hand, keeping them out of action for a number of games.

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