Monday, November 19, 2012

The Blue Deuce is Drunk

Yeah, we couldn't let this one slide by before the break.

Brad Keselowski, 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, celebrated his win with his crew, his fans and his Miller Lite.  This is his interview post-race on a live edition of Sportscenter.  Absolutely amazing.

"I don't know if these people know they're on Sportscenter, but later tonight they're gonna say, 'hey, that was me!'" he said as he attempted to rile up the fans in response to a question about the fans and his crew.

The best lines came when Keselowski went to close the interview.  Kevin Connors, the ESPN anchor congratulated him once again on his achievements and wished him a safe night of celebrations, to which the Blue Deuce responded to so elegantly.

"Thank you, guys.  Miller time! ESPN, NASCAR, thank you," he said as he cheers'd the camera and the viewers at home.

Only in NASCAR...

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