Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NHL, NHLPA Scheduled to Talk Tuesday, Does Anyone Care?

The Winter Classic has been cancelled, and the NHL has reportedly cost themselves $70 million in the process.  At what point does there stubbornness just get completely out of control?

Wait, what?  Oh, that's already happened?  A month and a half ago?  Sounds about right.

Any hopes of a season are fading by the hour.  The NHL and Players Association have scheduled talks for Tuesday afternoon, but does that even matter anymore?  Here's how the deputy commissioner Bill Daly described the last set of talks over the weekend after two weeks of silence.

"We had a series of meetings and exchanged views on the most important issues separating us.  We plan to meet again sometime early this week."

Brilliant!  Looks like the season should start any second!  This next bit is from commissioner Gary Bettman from those discussions two weeks ago.

"But, as you see, despite what we did on [Oct. 16], we were done in an hour today because there was really nothing there."

And what happened on October 16th?  The NHL made an offer to split revenue at 50-50, but then NHLPA director Donald Fehr made the executive decision that it would cost players too much, but then proposed three different counter-proposals.  Good move.  No, just kidding, Bettman shot all three down.  So the "nothing there" line was because the NHLPA was not willing to work with only the commissioner's plan.  Absolute joke.

This may be one of my last NHL pieces because of how obnoxious this whole fiasco is.  Look, most fans don't care anymore, and barely care enough to read the news about it anymore.  Shutting down the Winter Classic was the final straw, and as to how this season or these fan bases can be rebuilt, well, that's a lot more than just one blog can handle.

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