Monday, November 12, 2012

Bills Fan Suing Bills For Receiving Too Many Texts

Jerry Wojcik, a disgruntled Buffalo Bills fan, is suing the team.

Wojcik signed up on the team's website to receive three to five text messages a week with updates, scores and other team news.  Well, the Bills went a little overboard and sent him six message one week, and seven in another.  That'll make even the most sane person go crazy, right?

Probably not.  But Wojcik is now suing the Bills for $500 per superfluous text message, "up to $1500 per call for willful violations."

Can't make this stuff up, people.  Wojcik will not be unsubscribing from the program, but wants his money for having to look at his phone three more times than he ever should have.  I mean, as a Bills fan, I feel like suing the team for making me suffer through a whole game only to watch Ryan Fitzpatrick throw an interception in the end zone, but since I'm not insane, I don't think I'll be doing that.

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