Thursday, November 1, 2012

Huge Hit by Dashon Goldson Not Okay

Even with all the rules that have come down in the NFL regarding vicious hits on defenseless receivers, somehow this one was perfectly legal.

This play features two of the countless idiotic names in sports today with Dashon Goldson laying a hit on Early Doucet.  Doucet catches a pass up the middle, but when Goldson hits him, the pass is dropped.  Goldson leaves his feet, lights up Doucet and has the audacity to celebrate like a female gymnast sticking the dismount while Doucet just lays on the field.  Luckily the Cardinals receiver was okay and walked off the field under his own power.

Growing up, the only football I really watched was when I was playing "NFL Blitz" on Playstation.  The game was all about big hits, but the thing was, I knew it was just a video game.  Seeing these hits in the NFL now, sure, they're fun to watch, like when Vince Wilfork lit up Donald Jones a few weeks ago, but only when you know the player is going to be okay.

Last week, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan called a play that sent quarterback Robert Griffin III out as a receiver, which put him on the bad end of a nasty hit.  Ask anyone about the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, and they'll act like its the worst thing in the world.  But when Steelers defenders, or Falcons defenders -- the ones who concussed RGIII -- try their hardest to take RGIII's head off, that's okay.  They're going for injuries, just look at their celebrations for all the proof you'll need.


  1. Unfortunitely I have to completely disagree with ya here. This hit was 100% clean. Golding's job is to break up the pass by lighting the receiver up and he did it well. That is why he's one of the best safety's in the game. In the NFL unlike the NHL there is no rule against leaving your feet and launching at a guy, in fact that is encouraged. I think Golding should be commended for keeping his head out of the "kill zone" and going shoulder to shoulder/chest on the hit.

  2. To add on to my other comment, if anyone is to blame for this hit it is the QB Skelton. Throwing a pass high in the middle of field with a safety shadowing is how you get your players hurt. He needs to make better reads and if he decides that the pass is there then get it down to the waist or lower so the receiver can protect himself.