Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Almost Halfway Through Tip-Off Marathon, If You Don't Know Now You Know

At 11 a.m. on Tuesday, we are almost halfway through ESPN's Tip-Off Marathon. Last night's New Mexico-Davidson battle was the best game of the tournament by far, with plenty more games looking to take that title today.

Gonzaga got things started with a bang last night, unfortunately it didn't make for a great game, but UNM-Davidson more than made up for that.  The Lobos came back from 16 down early to close the door with a five point win.  In the dead of night, it had me stifling my excitement so as to not wake my roommates.

The lull was for the Hawaii-Houston Baptist and Stony Brook-Rider, which Hawaii and Stony Brook secured in two uninspired games.  The blog was back on the scene at 8:30 this morning, and will be right here if anything crazy should come up the rest of the day.

Tonight promises to provide two of the more exciting match-ups in the coming weeks.  Powerhouses Michigan State and Kansas meet up, then hand the court over to Duke and Kentucky.  Kansas should handle Michigan State in the first game, as the Spartans are probably still woozy from a battle with UConn overseas.  The second game will be a ball fight right from the get-go, but Duke's experience, coupled with the "unstoppability" of Seth Curry and Mason Plumlee will give them a healthy halftime lead going into a dominant second half from the Blue Devils.

Stay tuned on ESPN, and check back for updates throughout the day here or on Twitter @JonToddVanDamme.

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