Monday, December 3, 2012

Ed Reed Thinks NFL is Turning into Powder Puff

The Steelers found a way to win over the Ravens Sunday afternoon led by 15-year veteran quarterback Charlie Batch.  The game came right down to the final seconds, as Shaun Suisham solidified the 23-20 win as time expired.

The Steelers offense never really seemed to get rolling, as it took them nine minutes into the third quarter to get their first touchdown.  They were stymied in enemy territory a couple times, including an Ed Reed interception just shy of the Steelers end zone.  The pick was good for Reed's 61st in his career, but following the loss, that wasn't even in the back of his mind.

Following his one-game suspension for repeated violations of player safety rules, Reed was understandably upset as he could not help his team to a victory.  After the game, he chose to put some of the blame on the league's back.

He was asked about the rules "protecting" offensive players, and his response was influenced not only by the loss, but by the bias of a hard-hitting defender.

"It's definitely changing the game," Reed said. "It's become an offensive league. They want more points. They want the physical play out of it, kind of. They want like powder-puff, to where you can just run around and score points cause that's going to attract the fans. I understand you want to make money, but bending the rules and making the game different, you know, it's only going to make the game worse."

The only thing the rules do to "protect" players is say that you can't bash their heads in with your own head.  No where do they state you cannot hit a person with as much force as you deem necessary.  Tough loss for the Ravens.

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