Thursday, December 20, 2012

Video Battle: X-Men Vs TNT

Video battle time and this edition comes courtesy of the certifiable masters of distraction at Buzzfeed.  Both are amazingly awesome in a ton of ways but which one rules harder?  Does the painstaking nostalgia of a flawlessly executed stop motion recreation of the 1990's X-Men TV show theme song trump the real-life movie a few lucky passers-by got to experience thanks to TNT? I can't make up my mind so I put it to you, the readers, to name the distraction video of the week.

Reminder: Since the world's ending tomorrow, sign up for the celebration at Game On! for free and close things with a bang. I hear St. Peter gives out extra brownie points to those who stared down Ragnarok within pissing distance of an iconic international landmark. A special thanks goes out to all our readers who keep up with the Strike, thanks for taking us from a few posts to 25,000 views. I hope none of you die tomorrow, for real. All those other jerks are on their own.

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