Monday, December 17, 2012

ESPN NHL 13 Simulations Mean Nothing Unless You Are an Islanders Fan

Still no hockey. The NHLPA has proposed dissolving, which would make this whole process way harder than it has already. But luckily we have NHL 13 simulations, still!

The Bruins still suck, and the Islanders are third in the entire NHL.  An injury to Evgeni Nabakov should slow the roll of the Isles, and an MCL sprain knocked out PK Subban as well as any nastiness we could have hoped to see in a Bruins-Habs game... That's simulated... By ESPN.  Exciting.

Any time the spotlight is on Carolina and Washington, I think that sums up how things are going these days.

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  1. You should do your own simulation and update it on here