Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WBZ-Boston Reports End to NHL Lockout Out of The Blue

Social media can make anything seem believable these days.  As long as enough people read something, enough people will then talk about that something to make it seem like common knowledge.  In this case, Steve Burton of WBZ-TV, Boston's CBS affiliate, has decided to go ahead and announce an imminent end to the NHL lockout.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times -- I hate writing about the lockout, but what if this complete shot in the dark is true?

Burton, the go-to sports reporter on the WBZ nightly news, reported that "an unannounced meeting was held [Monday] with a high-ranking official from each side and significant progress was made towards salvaging the hockey season." 

As always, there are two sides to this statement.  On the one hand, you gotta believe, now 80 days into the lockout, the two sides are going to run out of thing to argue about.  They have had to go over the same things a thousand times over by now, so how many more times can they run through the rigmarole?  But on the other side, the two sides have met with federal mediators who lasted about 48 hours until they said, yeah, you know what, these two sides have nothing in common and are so far apart that we're just going to call it quits.

Burton states that "his sources" told him of the news, but did not go into naming them.  But to his credit, his sources were the one that supplied him with the information to boldly break then-Bruins rookie Phil Kessel's testicular cancer in 2006.  But, at the same time, Sports Illustrated reporter Sarah Kwak asked deputy commissioner Bill Daly if there was a single morsel of truth to the report, and he wasn't a terrible human being, I'd be inclined to believe him.

"Not even a single morsel."

You make the call, but I'm staying cautiously optimistic while living in the fantasy world of NHL 13 where Adam McQuaid now plays for the Philadelphia Flyers and Claude Giroux averages a goal a game nearly halfway through the season.

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