Friday, December 21, 2012

Stevie Johnson's Random Act of Kindness

So the Bills won't make the playoffs, no big deal.  That's not going to stop wide receiver Stevie Johnson from being awesome.

While standing in line at Walmart, a couple filed in behind Johnson with a big-screen TV.  Being an awesome guy, Stevie informed the couple that he was going to purchase the TV for them, spreading a little bit of Christmas cheer.

Johnson is already involved in Vizio's "Touchdowns for TVs" promotion, which gives one lucky fan the chance to win a Vizio 60-inch TV whenever Johnson scores a touchdown.  In late November, Johnson personally delivered a TV to a fan who was one of the winners.  A TV is also donated to the Boys and Girls Club when no. 13 crosses the plane.

"I think it's very important that you do give back when you're in a position we're in as NFL players. I mean you have enough to give back so why not and make some peoples lives," said Johnson.

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