Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hanrahan Named Closer Just Days After Signing

The Red Sox didn't waste any time naming new trade acquisition Joel Hanrahan the primary closer for the 2013 season.

Manager John Farrell had a conversation with presumed closer -- before the trade --  Andrew Bailey, in which he outlined the Sox plan for him and Hanrahan.  Bailey will be the primary set-up man for the former Pirates all-star.

So the back end of the bullpen is already set before going into spring training.  There's none of this, 'well, let's wait and see' attitude which plagued the team in plenty more areas than just the bullpen in 2012.  Right off the bat, Farrell is doing exactly what he said he would.  He's leading by example, drawing a line in the sand and making the tough decisions.

Bailey is not the type of guy who is going to sit there and cry about the hand he was dealt.  Instead, I'm sure he's glad to know his position so he can get to work mentally and physically preparing for the role he was held out of last season due to a nagging thumb injury.

So as Boston fills in the cracks in their roster, the team is starting to take shape.  In the pitching department, it appears they're working backwards, starting with the eighth and ninth inning guys and still trying to shore up their rotation.  Either way, as a Sox fan, I feel a little bit better knowing where at least one are of the team stands.

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